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How Bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-02-16 09:50:05
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Browsing the news daily we are always overwhelmed with politics, revolutions, accidents, wars and celebrities often missing these little bits of news at the bottom of the page. They are often funny, sometimes weird, and they give us a new perspective on life, so here's the first of a new column series: How Bizarre!


The Monks: A Rock Experience

A major record label is on the lookout for a group of monks to record an album of Gregorian chants. Universal Music, behind artists including Amy Winehouse, is advertising in religious publications for "monks, men of the cloth and sacred singers".

Interested parties are being asked to send in audition tapes. "Our aim is to reach singers from outside the X Factor generation," said Dickon Stainer, managing director of Universal Classics and Jazz.

A few years ago a group from Greek orthodox monks made a success on Greek music sales with a music record full of rock ballads with lyrics/hymns to Christ and Christianity. Unfortunately their success led them out of their monk’s wows and trying to make the same success as a rock band totally failed.


Strong handshake

A lawyer from Florida USA has been charged with assault for over-vigorously shaking the hand of a fellow attorney. Kathy Brewer Rentas, 49, shook the hand of Assistant US Attorney Jennifer Keene so hard her arm was nearly ripped out of its socket, a court official said. Moments before, Ms Keene successfully prosecuted Ms Brewer Rentas' husband.

Anthony Rentas was accused of violating the terms of a probation order for supplying cocaine, and sentenced to 90 days of house arrest. After the hearing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mrs. Brewer Rentas insisted on shaking the prosecuting lawyer's hand. In shaking it, she nearly floored Ms Keene with the vigor of her hand-action.


Fat police

Heavyweight police officers in one Mexican city could soon be offered cash bonuses if they slim down. A diet of fizzy drinks, tacos and sweets is weighing down crime fighters and leaving criminals on the run. Authorities in Aguascalientes want to offer 100 pesos ($9) for every kilo shed by their portly policemen.

About a quarter of the city's 1,600-strong force are reported to be overweight. Doctors would decide how much weight each needed to lose. "We do have some fat officers. We have been encouraging them for a while to lose weight, to be more agile, to do sport," a police spokesman said.

Well there is some base on that, how can a fat policeman run after the thieves?


ovi_bizzare0202Kinky mum

An eight-year-old boy had to be freed by firefighters after getting stuck in a pair of handcuffs he found in his mother's bedroom. Firefighters took the schoolboy to Copnor Fire Station in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

The crew had to use industrial metal cutters to free the boy. The cuffs were described as made of "hardened steel" and not meant as a toy. The police …questioned the mother!



Parents of the Meje Primary School in Split, Croatia complained to authorities because one of the teachers instead of teaching the kids was …sleeping all the time!

According to her 10 year-old students the teachers comes inside the classroom says good morning to the kids, cleans her fingernails and then …falls asleep! Perhaps she found a new explanation for hypnopaedia!


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Eva2008-02-16 12:50:09
How on earth is it possible to fall asleep in a room full of 10-year-olds??

Clint2008-02-16 19:27:03
Have I had trouble with handcuffs!!

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