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The Queen of Hearts 2008
by Caisa
2008-02-14 08:51:48
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On 14 February 2008, Helsinki's International Cultural Centre CAISA will come alive with music, exotic foods, fashion and beauty as Finland’s most outstanding international women take centre stage to compete for the coveted crown of “The Queen of Hearts 2008”.

The Queen of Hearts is an international beauty contest where it is the inner beauty of a woman that counts. The objective of the contest is to celebrate women of different nationalities based in Finland and promote values such as composure, compassion and confidence - the beauty from within!

The show has 3 main parts:

1. Beauty Competition
“The Queen of Hearts 2008”

2. Fashion Runway
Promoting and presenting young Finnish designers from Stadia Polytechnic's Degree Programme in Fashion and Clothing.

3. Valentine’s Day dinner
A celebration of Valentine’s Day which we refer to as our global day of friendship.

The entire show was inspired by values of kindness and consideration exemplified by women around the world such as Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. Now we are looking for a woman who embodies these values and as a queen, will represent the multiethnic face of Finland today!

POWWE’R ry is presenting the third annual “The Queen of Hearts” beauty contest that will feature fantastic performances from Echosystem, Funky Dancers, Sini K. and DJ G. More information on the performers here! The event is made possible by the generous support from our Partners.

The Queen of Hearts 2008 is collaboration between City of Helsinki Cultural Office (CAISA) and POWWE'R ry.

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