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Shocking game
by Asa Butcher
Issue 7
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Lightning Reaction Extreme
Electric shocks and fun do not usually go together, but that is progress for you. In the 1980s, the closest we came to electricity was in Operation, Scalextric and a Hornby train set, but the 21st century has made leaps and bounds to channel the stuff into your body…for ages six and up.

Lightning Reaction Extreme is described as a quick-reaction game with a superb sting in the tail. Up to four people hold the Lightning Reaction pistol grips, someone punches the starter button and the timer starts flashing and making a sound; after a random amount of time it stops - everyone then has to click their trigger button as quickly as they possibly can.

Depending upon which version you are playing, there are two resulting penalties. Only the slowest player receives a shock in the Lightning Reaction game and only the fastest player avoids the shock in the Lightning Reaction Extreme option. You are also shocked if you react before the lights have stopped flashing, so pay attention.

lightning_reactionThe shock comes from three AAA batteries (not included), but it hurts enough to speed up your reaction the next time. The shock is similar to a zap from static, except that it is delivered to your palm and you can select from either low or high shock levels.

The box carries the warning: Emits electric shocks. Can cause interference with electrical devices such as pacemakers. Do not use if you suffer from epilepsy or any similar illnesses, and not suitable for pregnant women. There was never a warning like that on a Rubik’s Cube or Action Man, which just goes to show how times have changed.

Games, such as Lightning Reaction Extreme, were once designed for use in conjunction with alcohol, but with children being targeted now it is reflective of the Jackass search for the self-infliction of pain. The game is fun until your first shock and then you begin to question the game maker’s concept of fun. Hurting yourself for a laugh has to be in your mentality to fully enjoy this game, otherwise stick to playing cards, like me.
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