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Me, a name I call myself...
by Asa Butcher
2008-02-05 09:13:08
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When you think of me, what comes to mind? Perhaps I should rephrase the question… what comes to mind when you think of 'me'? Is that any clearer?

Let's begin again! Ovi magazine has begun planning its next theme magazine and we have chosen the egotistical topic of 'Me'.

However, we know that there is more to 'me' than the objective first person singular pronoun and the ego, and we are confident you are capable of interpreting the theme in any number of ways.

Perhaps you will take the ME abbreviation for Managing Editor, Mechanical Engineer or Medical Examiner, maybe you'll submit something about Montenegro, Maine or the Middle East each of which are also known by ME, or there's always the initials use in science and engineering, such as methyl, a hydrophobic alkyl functional group derived from methane.

On a lighter note, there's Paula Cole's 1998 song "Me", Rafa Cortés' 2007 film Me, Fiona Sit's 2005 Cantopop album Me or even the late Katharine Hepburn's autobiography Me: Stories of My Life. If you can think of anybody or anything with the initials ME, such as Missy Elliott, Mister Ed, Mass Effect and "Most Extreme", then go for it.

The interpretation of 'me' is entirely up to you and you have some time to consider your contribution.

The publication date is currently set as April 1st, so there are no excuses to miss out being in our 21st theme issue!

Doe, a deer, a female deer,
Ray, a drop of golden sun,
Me, a name I call myself…

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