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Get famous or die trying Get famous or die trying
by Joseph Gatt
2008-02-09 08:31:45
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I am one of those who would like to die as late as possible, if at all. To some, if fame can’t be achieved during life, it should at least be achieved dying. With shootings in Missouri, Chicago and a Louisiana college this week, seeking fame must be one of the shooters motives.

Society is class ridden. There are the rich, the poor and the middle income people. All people do have access to the media, and in most advanced countries, all have access to education. Famous people often explain their success was the result of social networking more than the result of hard work. They often claim that success was the result of luck, and most importantly, good connections.

All claim that education is useless and that it doesn’t take a Ph.d. to become a country’s influential politician, famous artist or successful CEO. Climbing the ladder is not the result of good performances that is work, successful policies or helping a company increase its productivity. Idiots can access the world of fame, so why not us?

The media often shows a fancy lifestyle for famous people. Luxurious mansions, expensive jewelry, limousines, and most importantly the opportunity to attend cocktail parties with influential people and being liked and admired by people are often featured in shows entirely dedicated to famous people’s lives. That life style includes everyone trying to get a share of your attention, being snowed under by letters from fans, and being liked. Being an influential figure also means getting attention and being desired from other people. That capacity of social bonding, with the famous person having a social advantage others don’t have, means that all basic human needs can be fulfilled, including that of being admired and respected by others.

To some, if a “cool” life can not be achieved, if they can not live the lifestyle of those they envy and admire, death can provide that satisfaction. I was surprised when I saw on Facebook’s “how you will die” application “you will die a cool way”. Does that mean that when some people can not be remembered for the way they lived, they will be remembered for the way they died?

Society expects a lot from people and imposes a lot of rules. However fame means an exception to those rules. Famous people are not only forgiven for their misbehavior, they are almost thanked for that. I remember Larry King canceling Michael Moore’s interview to invite Paris Hilton instead, who had just come out of jail. Had it been an ordinary person, I don’t think many would like to get anywhere near someone who had been to jail.

And all those who commit suicide after committing massacres in schools, malls or crowded areas. After such massacres happen, the media often releases confession letters and videos, as well as pictures, biographies and extensive coverage of the people they were. I was surpised to see that Cho, Seung Hui’s biography on Wikipedia is longer than many much more influential people. And Cho’s plays and essays were released on the internet and were among the most read plays in 2007.

In a selfish greedy society, it is very easy for people to be marginalized, meaning that people would be considered as being worthless for society. Fame is the ultimate goal to many, which should be achieved “dead or alive”.

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Sand2008-02-09 08:35:23
I wonder why fame is so seductive. It has monetary value, of course, but if you have enough to live on I cannot see why anybody would want to go through the stress of being well known.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-09 09:56:07
There is fame and then there is immortality and the two only appear similar. The best way to become immortal is via art. Every great poet is as much an artist as the sculptor or the painter: and art survives learning itself. Varro, the most learned of the Romans, is forgotten, when Virgil is familiar to every school-boy. Cicero himself would not have been immortal, if his essays and orations had not conformed to the principles of art. Even an historian who would live must be an artist, like Voltaire or Macaulay. A pedantic historian will never be read, even if his learning be praised by all the erudite critics of academia.

On the other hand we have Solomon exclaim in his Song of Songs: vanities of vanities and all is vanity.

Sand2008-02-09 10:04:29
Virgil familiar to every schoolboy?

Asa2008-02-09 16:04:10
We all know Virgil... Virgil Tracy, the principal pilot of Thunderbird 2.

Sand2008-02-09 17:49:45

What joy is there in being dead
And famous?
What delight can accrue
To a corpse floating
Into eternity on a stream
Of words?
For the corpse, only
Dissolution into the dust of molecules.
The words
Like that mindless teddy bear
Beats its tin drum
On and on and on
Like the wind through the trees
Or the gurgle of a brook
Like a disease
It infects
Another mind.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-10 01:45:52

"O tempora, o mores"


Sand2008-02-10 05:43:53

Protect me from the current times
When creatures, both in prose and rhymes
Can pierce with sense and solid fact
The fragile nonsense I enact.

Fame is useless to the de2008-02-10 09:22:22
'suicide is the last refuge of those who do not want to take responsibility for their actions.

It is also the refuge for a host of other reasons such as depression, fear, and being despondent. Accident victims are likely to commit suicide when they are unable to come to terms with their trauma, the event is replayed in their minds repeatedly trying to physicially and physicially resolve. When it does not resolve, they end the pain themselves by turning off the beginning and end of their feedback loop, their body

Abdulhadi Hairan2008-02-10 12:54:05
Good article. A few months ago I had written a similar article about the terrorist acts. The extensive media coverage is one reason why terrorism and extremism is spreading everywhere.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-10 16:57:05
Before we proceed to dump Virgil and Cicero into the bonfire, may I suggest we re-read Kant's concept of the sublime and how it was introduced into English Literature by Coleridge's poem Intimations of Immortality. Or has that too been thrown into the bonfire?

Sand2008-02-10 18:04:48
As usual, Paparella has his head where the sun don't shine. "Intimations of Immortality" was written by William Wordsworth.

Sand2008-02-10 18:57:08
It may be that Paparella has been alerted by the contingent of psychic monks that keep the Vatican thought police informed of current events. He is again off the mark in regard to me as I had contemplated writing a poem entitled “Intimations of Immorality” which covered everybody from the Vatican itself to the capricious activities of the Bush administration and, of course, humanity in general. But again he somehow inexplicably confused me with Coleridge which is an Olympic leap in the matter of typos considering the difference in letters between my name and Coleridge’s. He is evidently getting very good at it.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-10 21:31:40

Coleridge's Intimations of Immortality from Proclus
John D. Rea
Modern Philology, Vol. 26, No. 2 (Nov., 1928), pp. 201-213
This article consists of 13 page(s).

Surely, Sand, true to form has thrown this article into the bonfire and/or is blissfully unaware of its existence. No surprises there. His head is in other realms even if he flatters himself when he compares himself to Coleridge or Wordsworth. Nero too compared himself to Seneca and most people agreed that he was the better, until a little child screamed: the Emperor is naked.

Sand2008-02-10 21:38:04
Direct quote from your comment: "Coleridge's poem Intimations of Immortality".

Not an article, a poem.

Your words.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-10 21:56:49
For those of a more literary frame of mind, here is the article from Google that can be retrieved where it is revealed that Coleridge was a secret collaborator to
Wordsword's Intimation of immortality.

Wordsworth's Ode: Intimations of immortality and his secret sharers. ... collaborator Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who played important roles in his creativity. ...
www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7480414 - Similar pages

Sand2008-02-10 22:05:44
Whatever way you try to weasel out of it you accredited the poem to Coleridge whereas any publication anywhere and several of the volumes of poetry in my collection make no mention of the poem being the creation of the poem being authored by anyone else but Wordsworth. Any arcane material you claim indicates otherwise does not justify in any manner whatsoever your clear claim that it was Coleridge's poem.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-10 23:30:39
The fact remains that Coleridge was involved in its creation for no other reason that both poets had very similar poetics regarding the divinity of nature and its intimations of immortality. The intelligent reader has no problem grasping those simple hermeneutics of mutual influence, but of course that will not do for somebody who while not caring a dish of beans about those poetics and a possible dialogue regarding them, is merely interested in the business of discredeting anybody who does not march in lock step with one's shabby and reprehensible prejudices and biases.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-11 01:08:41
P.S. To follow-up on the above comment on common poetics, the cooperative publication of Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge represents a landmark moment for English poetry. It accorded with the theory that poetry results from the "spontaneous overflow" of emotions, as Wordsworth wrote in the preface; which is a Vichian philosophical theory well known by Coleridge who passed it on to Wordsworth. The two poets made it their task to write in the simple language of common people, telling concrete stories of their lives. According to this theory, poetry originates in "emotion recollected in a state of tranquility"; the poet then surrenders to the emotion, so that the tranquility dissolves, and the emotion remains in the poem. This explicit emphasis on feeling, simplicity, and the pleasure of beauty over rhetoric, ornament, and formality changed the course of English poetry, replacing the elaborate classical forms of Pope and Dryden with a new Romantic sensibility and it greatly influenced Emerson and Thoreau in America. All of those poets knew well the difference between fleeting fame and immortality. But I still think Solomon has the last word on the subject; albeit the guardian of the gates of political correctness may very well affix his peculiar one in this particular forum, as is his hard-wired custom.

Sand2008-02-11 05:09:04
Talk about naked emperors! The bullshit doesn't work, Paparella. You would gain far more integrity by admitting an open and obvious error than by smearing it with irrelevant academic baloney. Any reputable collection of poetry credits "Intimations of Immortality" to Wordsworth alone. (http://www.bartleby.com/145/ww331.html)

And repeated idiotic attempts to deny this only confirms again, as before, your devotion to an ego far more interested in itself than an obvious truth.

Emanuel Paparella2008-02-11 12:10:16
To the bonfire the poetics of intimation of immortality you go, together with the whole academic enterprise and two thousand years of Judeo-Christian culture. Indeed, the barbarian of the intellect is inside the gates and slouching toward Gommorra and peddling his "superior modern enlightenement" while hiding a shabby monstruosity worshipped in the church of the FSM of which we had a peek a few days ago.

Sand2008-02-11 12:57:12
I was pretty sure you would not openly admit you are a total fool but it seems nothing will stop you from exhibiting your naked idiocy while foaming at the mouth and dancing around your fire.

secret person2008-04-11 21:56:31
hi star academy 5, you are one of my best tv- programs ..love u diaa...mirhan...mostapha...saad oo zaher..

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