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A diluted greed and eco-terrorism
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-02-03 09:35:20
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In a link to the media, the Federation of Finnish Technologies Industries expressed their ‘uncertainty created by the energy and climate change package published by the European Commission that threatens to freeze investment in Finland’ and I had the sense that greed was drooling from everywhere.

I have lived in Finland for the last ten years and I’ve been visiting this country for the last fourteen; the first time I set foot in this country was a November and I really thought that I had landed in the land of Santa Claus. There was snow everywhere and all the country looked like a gigantic forest of Christmas trees. There was no need for flashing lights and decoration, only the snowflakes and the trees full of snow was enough to put you into a Christmas mood. Well, I think that was the last November we saw so much snow in Helsinki because the last three Novembers have found me wearing just a t-shirt under my jacket and wondering if it is going to snow - Christmas hasn’t been white for a while and now it is February and my friends in Athens have seen more snow than I have here in Helsinki.

There is something going on with the weather and it isn’t just me who has noticed it, even Mr. Vanhanen, the Finnish prime minister, started making comments lately about global warming. There is always the theory I heard from a very unique guy a week ago that the same happened in the early-60s and that was because a huge comet, with aliens, was heading towards earth but something made them change direction, so another comet is on its way now, but since I find it hard to believe this theory I will stick with global warming.

So now we have a fact, the earth is facing a catastrophic challenge which has the name 'global warming' and since humanity is mainly responsible for this lethal problem humanity has to do something to solve it for its own good and survival. That’s the second fact! The Kyoto Protocol, despite the fact that the countries primarily responsible for the problem, such as the USA and Japan, haven’t signed it, is already out of date; a new resolution is necessary with more drastic measures and somehow it looks like the EU voluntarily prepared to do something.

Governments, such as Germany, have shown the right sensitivity by exerting pressure on one of the biggest, if not the biggest, industries in Europe: the German industry. Under the need for an improved plan, the EU published a package with a time schedule for emission cuts - in my opinion it's still not enough and needs more drastic cuts - and expects the members of the European Union to apply for the sake of the next generations, by next generation please identify the exact next generations, our kids and grandkids. To comply, the need for these cuts results in investment in new technologies, alternative energies and naturally changes the way the industry currently works. That’s another fact.

The profits of the Finnish industry have reached record levels and here I’m talking about the paper industry, new technologies, mobile telephone industry; profits that can excuse the expenses for the general well, after all their kids are going to live in this place. Instead of funding hockey teams and controversial events they can easily fund in Finland and in extent on earth. Some of these companies have an annual budget for marketing and advertisement revenue equal to the income of whole countries in the Third World and they have the luxury to invest millions of euros for an NBA player to visit Finland and give a two-hour exhibition in a sport hardly recognized in this country. Most of these companies who should make the changes have the money to do so, the only thing that stops them is lesser profit because naturally the record profits the shareholders have enjoyed over the last decades have to be cut a bit and that’s another fact.

But then in the name of those loses what does the representative of the Federation of Finnish Technologies Industries do? He sends a message with a lot of hidden threats, not only the obvious in their message that ‘the package will freeze investment in Finland’, but also the hidden message that we are going to stop investing and that means unemployment. You see, according to contemporary capitalism the best way to minimize the loses of profit in the industry is to fire more people driving them to the unemployment and in extent put them into the government’s already tight budget. The government threatens to increase taxes but again who’s going to pay them? In the name of globalization Nokia has already moved a factory from Germany to Romania what will stop them from moving their whole business from Finland to India where the company already has investment? The threat has been in the air for a few years now and somehow it has worked forcing the governments to decrease tax for these giants.

Unfortunately it looks like the global warming ignores their profits and greed because they are suffering the same way everybody does and their kids, if nothing changes, will have to share the same destiny with rich and poor all around this word.

One last thing that often troubles me is something I read a few years ago and somehow it sounds logical, especially if industries and big industrial countries continue not to do anything in the name of profit and greed, eco-terrorism. I mean terrorist organizations that deluded from the coming end will become very aggressive leading to acts that will make 9-11 look like a child's play - you see violence breeds violence!

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Sand2008-02-04 19:52:45
Soon enough, when the Earth's accumulation of ice melts into the sea and Helsinki citizens wear rubber boots to go shopping in ankle deep water, we will realize that the most powerful eco-terrorist is the Earth itself.

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