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Recording Britain: The 20th Century Landscape
by The Ovi Team
2008-02-19 09:35:40
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: The Twentieth Century Landscape in oils, watercolours, drawings, etchings and photographs

At the outbreak of the Second World War, the influential art historian Sir Kenneth Clark initiated an ambitious extension of the Official War Artist scheme, calling it ‘Recording Britain’.

Our exhibition is in the spirit of that project. It aims to encapsulate the variety and beauty of Britain as it changed throughout the century, and highlight the renaissance in landscape painting that occurred during the period.

The original scheme commissioned a selection of the very best British artists to produce over 1500 watercolours and drawings, so creating a unique archive designed to document traditional Britain and celebrate the traditional medium of watercolour. The project had an element of urgency too, as Britain’s landscape faced the double threat of mass development and impending world war.

Our exhibition will include over two hundred watercolours, oils, drawings, etchings, and photographs by some of the great artists of twentieth century, many of whom were involved in ‘Recording Britain’.

Of particular note will be a large group of watercolours by the artist Charles Knight. Inspired by the work of John Sell Cotman, Knight became the principal artist of the Recording Britain scheme leading Sir Kenneth Clark to describe him as the ‘jewel in the crown’.

We are also particularly pleased to offer a group of photographs by Edwin Smith, the greatest twentieth-century photographer of British architecture and landscape.

The exhibition will also include works by the following artists:

Gerald Ackermann, S R Badmin, Frank Brangwyn, George Clausen, Peter Coker, Phillis Ginger, Thomas Hennell, Rowland Hilder, Cecil Arthur Hunt, Laura Knight, Norman Neasom, Muriel Pemberton, John Piper, Edward Seago, Snowdon, Philip Wilson Steer, Randolph Schwabe, and others.

20 FEBRUARY – 8 MARCH 2008
10 AM – 5:30 PM

8 & 10 Ryder Street, London SW1Y 6QB
Tel: 0207 839 7551 Fax: 0207 839 1603
Nearest tube: Green Park/Piccadilly Circus
Free Entry

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