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Caption This! Feb 2008
by The Ovi Team
2008-02-01 07:00:25
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As a start to 2008, Ovi magazine decided to experiment with a Photo Caption game for all of our readers to participate.

It is simple. Look at the photo of Sarkozy and write a caption/speech bubble/thought bubble or anything else that captures your imagination.

Let's try to make one another laugh at the start of every month.

The best caption will be used in the Photo Caption PDF Book we will make at the end of the year.

Have fun!

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Get it off your chest
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Asa2008-02-01 10:43:39
I hope that is just his truncheon poking my back.

Clint2008-02-01 13:05:39
I wanted Tony Blair as Commisioner not Ian Blair!

Eva2008-02-01 14:22:57
Will that itch ever go away?

Sand2008-02-01 15:26:01
The eyebrow I raise as a question
Is meant to defer all suggestion
That I never care
About Tony Blair
Although he give me indigestion.

Sand2008-02-01 19:23:59
That supercilious look
Shows you've got a goose he can cook
But he'll save the right wing
In the hope it will bring
To him a permanent nook.

Bryan2008-02-01 20:03:09
Officer you should see my Ferrari when she's got her top down!

Jack2008-02-03 03:02:25
What do you mean? This IS my best side!

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