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The Which Blair Project
by Clint Wayne
2008-01-31 08:55:45
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Look out Europe, Tony Blair is circling unnoticed high above your heads like a vulture soaring on the thermals created by the hot air that constantly rises from Brussels. However, it is not a little insignificant road-kill that has caught his attention but the hearty carcass of Europe’s figurehead position.

Having resigned as the British Prime Minister last year, when he finally realised his Presidential life-style and constant posturing would never result in him becoming King, he has now set his sights on the nomination for the European Presidency and having recently received the backing of his unofficial cheerleader Nicolas Sarkozy it only remains for Angela Merkel to overcome the opposition from her left-wing coalition members, who see him as a outright warmonger, and the backroom deal is done.

The five-year Presidential post comes into force next January as part of the new Constitution and the leaders of the EU’s 27 states will decide upon the appointment this year, but with the backing of the EU’s two dominant players, Germany and France, who most certainly possess the considerable clout required to impose their will on the lesser states Mr. Blair has now become the firm favourite to occupy this inaugural position.

Our Tony probably didn’t need to be told to expect some resistance from our own Prime Minister Gordon Brown who must now be a quivering wreck having finally wrested the Premiership from his rival he now faces the prospect of welcoming President Blair to Downing Street for tea, biscuits and a friendly chat! The British press core will love it with every statement from London or Brussels being carefully scrutinised to expose any new tension or conflict emerging from their false fragile friendship.

With the announcement today from the Swiss financial giant Zurich that Mr. Blair is to become their £2 million pound a year advisor on climate change and the trends of the international political environment he now seems to be hawking himself around the globe with a ‘for sale’ sign hanging around his neck having already secured a £2.5 million a year advisory role for the Wall Street investment bank JP Morgan, a £5 million advance on his awaited memoirs plus the numerous ‘After Dinner’ speaking engagements in America rumoured to be £1 million every time he picks up the telephone. His £150,000 Prime Ministers pension and UK taxpayer’s funded office costs must only now count as ‘petty cash’.

With his current unpaid roles as a Middle East envoy and advisor to Rwanda seemingly not providing the limelight his ego desires the £200,000 a year on offer for the European Presidency and the ‘celebrity status’ position it will surely carry will put our former leader ‘Teflon Tony’ back into the spotlight he craves, but just beware fellow Europeans as you glance up from your morning coffee and are bewitched by at that dazzling million dollar smile and those sparkling ‘purley whites’ for here in the UK we had 10 years of unrelenting spin, mirrors and worthless rhetoric as you will soon discover his promises are seldom meaningful and are more often just hollow promises, a typical politician you may say but sadly this man knows no shame.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 12:46:58
Didn’t Mr. Blair once proclaim himself “a passionate European?” As a passionate European would it not make eminent sense that he should now be seeking to become the first president of the European Union? Is he shameless because such passion makes him less of an Englishman or because he lacks all convictions “The best lack all convictions. The worst are full of passionate intensity” wrote W.B. Yeates. If that be so, is Blair passionate and therefore the worst; or is Blair a man of no convictions and therefore the best? On the other hand, how do we judge those who just as passionately proclaim that he is a bad Englishman. Does that make him a bad European too? Should it not be the other way around, since being born an Englishman makes him ipso facto a European? Is the EU a polity for the common good of all Europeans or a mere refuge for politicians at a dead end in their country of origin? Indeed, things can get quite complicated and confusing, especially when “the center does not hold and things fall apart.” Did Christopher Dawson have a point after all?

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 13:03:13
P.S. Which brings us to another complication: Mr. Jan Sand thus pontificates in his contribution of today: “Faith has always been a problem as is well know [sic] by Catholics with sex problems and investors in dubious financial creations since both areas often require belief in systems with proposals that are difficult or impossible to firmly substantiate. And, in both cases, of course, the rewards offered are frequently so preposterous that doubts steam out like vapors from hell.” After reading this preposterous non-sequitur of sex problems leading to bad investments (deserving an F in a course on logic) one cannot but wonder about Tony Blair recent conversion to Catholicism. Did he become a Catholic because he has sex problems, or because he is a bad investor?

Clint2008-01-31 14:13:33
Yes he is a passionate European more so than his successor Gordon Brown but beware of 'what it says on the tin'. He is actually Scottish born in Edinburgh but sought election in an English constituancy Sedgefield in the North-east so as not to appear Scottish to the unsuspecting English. He is a politician who wants to be worshipped as a rock star. He once claimed to have remembered being passed over the heads of the crowd on the Gallowgate Terrace at St.James Park watching the great Jackie Milburn. Milburn left Newcastle in 1957 Blair was born in 1953. As I said beware!

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 14:33:31
Indeed, I stand corrected. An Scott is not an Englishman, just as a Welsh is not an Englishman. I should have written British. That still leaves the puzzle of Blair's conversion to Catholicism vis a vis Dawson's insights in The Making of Europe. Is Blair consciously or unconsciously returning to an earlier historical identity when there was no political unity but there was a cultural cement that united and gave a cultural identity to all of Britain and indeed the whole of Europe, the Catholic religion? I wonder.

Clint2008-01-31 14:57:19
As I understand it his spiritural awakening took place at University over 30 years ago so he has been a long time in the closet. Considering Britain hasn't had a Catholic Prime Minister since 1688 I think he sensibly kept it under wraps avoiding what could have been political suicide with the hounds of the British media. He has tested the water several times with various stories 'leaking out' in the press including communion with Cardinal Basil Hume. The only position barred to Catholics in Britain is marraige to the soveriegn or heir to the throne so Blair obviously understood the sensitivity of Catholicism with the British public and saw it as a potential 'banana skin' to his political ambitions. Of course his wife and children are all Catholic.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 15:14:42
Thanks for the information. Now that Blair is a Catholic he will read Dante and as he journeys with him in Hell he will meet there three Popes who are there because they placed political temporal considerations ahead of spiritual ones. That may hopefully prompt another conversion of sort.

Sand2008-01-31 15:34:26
I realize that it is easy to tip your unstable mind, Paparella, into hopeless confusion but I thought you might withstand a humorous reference without turning turtle. So now you confuse Dante with your God and I wonder which one now has priority in consigning sinners to hell. Is Dante in soul charge now?

Sand2008-01-31 16:06:06
For those who would like to investigate in more detail the difficulties Catholics encounter with sex see: http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/2105.htm

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 17:03:29
Are those also humorous references as suggested by your god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster of the the church of the FSM fixated on sex and food and unable to distinguish spaghetti from octopus? Has he appeared to you and suggested that we consign Dante to the bonfire too? Surely Yale and Harvard University and countless others must be misguided in teaching Dante eight hundred years after his death. They ought to consider teaching the more modern and relevant theology of the FSM church. A public letter of reprimand to the presidents of those misguided academic institutions is long overdue.

Sand2008-01-31 17:32:21
If you think Dante ended up in your hell, it is of course for you to pitch him into the flames. I merely was curious as to whether it was Dante or God who decides who gets toasted. You seem terribly fixated on The Flying Spaghetti Monster so I assume your encounter with this theological concoction was traumatic. Admittedly it partakes of the same nightmarish quality of all the gods you seem to favor so I understand your affliction. If you feel The Flying Spaghetti Monster qualifies as worthy of academic notice I suggest your Ph.D. credentials might persuade them to take notice of this addition to the pantheon.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 17:52:13
As previously pointed out, but alas in vain it appears, there are three realms visited by Dante; hell is just one. Schools of industrial design are of course not interested in Dante or poetry for that matter, but he continues to be taught at the best schools in the world 800 years after his death, to the utter consternation of the modern barbarians of the intellect more interested in FSMs. But there are good reason why he continues to be taught and not thrown on the bonfire. To repeat,the Divine Comedy is a work of the imagination and an epic poem. Your caricatures and theological concoction FSM from your "church" is merely a work of propaganda for religion bashing. It will be forgotten in less than one year. You can bank on that.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-31 17:59:39
Do not expect the time of day and another string of inane exchanges after this. You may now affix your next one and so have the fatidic "last word" which seems to be very important for your slightly deranged sado-masochistic and boorish mode of dialoguing. And of course you may proceed to collect your high five from those of a like mind-set.

Sand2008-01-31 18:05:14
That you accept The Flying Spaghetti monster as a serious proposal for a deity is one of the most strange of all your very odd beliefs. If you believe that Dante's poetry is taught at institutions of higher learning because it is accepted there as proof of its description of reality rather than that it is an example of good poetry, you have again revealed another side of your distorted perception of what it is all about. I am positive that the instruction of Dante in respected institutions is not done so to show students what really goes on in your Christian Hell.
Evidently you dislike the type of instruction going on in Pratt Institute. Perhaps you should inform them directly about the worth of Dante to industrial designers rather than thrusting your opinions at me. I am sure they can give you much more satisfaction than I can.

Sand2008-01-31 18:10:07
Either your contact with me has totally discombobulated you or "faditic" appears in your weird dictionary. I cannot discover it in mine.

Sand2008-01-31 18:32:15
Please be assured that I am adequately informed by many various time pieces in my computer and other devices so I need not depend upon you for chronological information.
This "high five" business you keep mentioning is a total mystery to me. There is little if any comment on our conversations and it is not pertinent to my earnest attempts to reveal reality to you.

Clint2008-01-31 19:08:20
Is that toys I can see on the floor boys?

Sand2008-02-01 05:46:53
No, sonny, those are real weapons.

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