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Thanks to Human Rights Activists in Bangladesh
by Rohingya Human Rights
2008-01-29 10:02:06
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After the release of my article, "Protection of Rohingya Undocumented Refugees in Bangladesh", I have got huge response from different countries of the world including the European Parliament to put it up in its three important committees.
But the response that came from different human rights activists and NGOs of Bangladesh is worth mentioning with special thanks. The executive director of an NGO wrote me:
"It is really pathetic to see the plight of those homeless Rohingyas in their slums most of which sprawl by the road and also in the hill areas. If you go to their slums, you will see thousands of distressed men, women and children passing their life virtually in sub-human condition. You will see there scores of small, naked children with swollen bellies trying to find entertainment with muds, water or sand and they have no scope to go to school. They die from anything - fever or diarrhoea or any other diseases. But they don't get any ration or relief. Forest is the easiest source for their survival. They chop down the trees and sell them as log and firewood. Of course, what else can they do? There is no jobs for them in plenty. It is really a big question, how these hapless people and the next generation of Rohingyas will survive."
However, I salute their concern,"
How these hapless people and the next generation of Rohingyas will survive?" and express our gratitude to them as well as to the humanitarian people of Bangladesh for their sympathy to the plight of suffering Rohingyas.
With thanks and best regards.


Ahmedur Rahman Farooq
CRDB, Norway
Contact: +4797413036

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A. Rahman Farooq2008-02-27 17:44:44
Ref: RHRC/B10/2008
Dated: Feb 10.2008

Change of Name:

With a view to further specify our political activities with our ethnic identity "Rohingya", the name of our existing organization,"The Council for Restoration of Democracy in Burma(CRDB)" has been changed into "Rohingya Human Rights Council(RHRC)" with unanimous decision. But our organizational structures as well as our objectives for the restoration of democracy in Burma, restoration of human rights of Rohingyas and restoration of Communal Harmony among all communities of Arakan particularly the Rohingyas and Rakhines, will remain unchanged. An online journal by name of "Rohingya Human Rights Review" will serve as the mouthpiece of our organization.

With thanks and best regards.

A. Rahman Farooq
Rohingya Human Rights Council (RHRC)
Address: 2975 Vang i Valdres, Norway
Contact: +4797413036
Email: rohingyas.rhrc@yahoo.com, rohingyas.rhrc@gmail.com

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