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by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-01-27 09:40:12
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Egyptian security forces have pulled back from the border with Gaza after an apparent failure to reseal it. Palestinians seemed to be still crossing freely in and out of Egypt for a third consecutive day, to stock up on supplies in defiance of a blockade. A bulldozer made fresh holes in the border earlier, after Egyptian troops managed to seal earlier breaches.

The Egyptians should ask Israel to rebuild the wall; after all, they are more …experienced!


Police have searched the flat of Jerome Kerviel, the man said to be the rogue trader who lost 4.9bn euros ($7.1bn; £3.7bn) at Societe Generale. Officers spent two hours at the address in the Paris suburb of Neuilly before leaving with a number of briefcases. While Mr. Kerviel's exact whereabouts is now unknown, his family has leapt to his defense, insisting he is innocent.

Let me see, with this money he has covered a face reconstruction and has ten or twenty new passports, plus he most likely has a new Societe Generale credit card!


President Pervez Musharraf has said that Pakistan's success in fighting terrorism is critical and any failure could impact on the West. In an address to a British think tank, he called for support and encouragement not "criticisms and insinuations".

Now we know what the phrase, let the wolf to guard the sheep means!


Musharraf also reiterated that delayed elections now due next month would be "free, fair, transparent and peaceful".

Yep, he killed his main opponent!


"We are in the forefront fighting terrorism and extremism, our success is critical. We have to win because if we lose I think it will have an impact on the region and the world, maybe in the streets of Europe.” Said Musharraf

One thing that definitely has an impact in the streets of Europe is the drugs the Taleban export with …a little help of their friends the Pakistani dictators!


Musharraf denied that Pakistan was involved in any "double-crossing", insisting: "We are not doing this for anyone, we are doing this for ourselves, for Pakistan. And I believe that."

Well nobody denies that, you do everything for your Pakistan and yourself!!!


Musharraf added that the only way for militants to gain access to Pakistan's nuclear arsenal would be if al-Qaeda or the Taleban overthrew the army or if extremist religious groups won next month's elections.

And that’s why he will keep the country imprisoned for another …century!!!


US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been meeting Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on the second day of a trip aimed at promoting free trade.

Call me whatever you like but …free trade has long been the relationship between USA and Colombia, so many drug dealers can guarantee that!!!


Zimbabwe is to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on 29 March, the government has announced. President Robert Mugabe has been confirmed as his party's candidate.

And the question will be, Mugabe or Death!


Far-right political leaders from four EU nations have unveiled plans to form a pan-European "patriotic" party. The heads of far-right parties from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria and France said their aim was to defend Europe against "Islamisation" and immigrants.

And the name will be ….the four little Adolfs!


Pope Benedict XVI has called on the media to underpin its work with ethical considerations and do more to promote the "dignity of the human being".

And he’s asking that while Berlusconi returns?


Singer Amy Winehouse has been admitted into rehab in a battle to kick her addiction to drugs. A statement from her record company, Universal said she entered the facility "after talks with her record label, management, family and doctors". A film of the singer apparently smoking a crack pipe emerged earlier this week.

Her new hit will be apparently called "Crack the Rehab"!


Global music sales fell by an estimated 10% last year, despite the growing popularity of the digital music market, according to an industry report.

Have they ever thought that this might be due to quality?


And never forget that there is only one Ovi magazine: www.ovimagazine.com

The rest are just …copycats!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-27 15:26:28
On the implied nexus between Berlusconi and the Pope. There is a paradox at work there: if he condemns Berlusconi he will be accused of meddling in politcs and violating the separation of Church and State; if he does not he will be accused of keeping silent in the face of unethical behavior. The paradox's name is "dammned if you do, damened if you don't!"

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