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St. Patrick's Day Parade: Helsinki 2008
by Grainne Hiney-Lehtipuu
2008-03-15 08:11:34
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St. Patrick’s Day is officially on March 17th, but the parade will be held, for practical purposes, on Saturday 15th March beginning at 1500. This year, as last year , the parade will begin at Senate Square, after which it will circulate the city centre. It is scheduled to last approximately 60 minutes.

The parade itself will consist of a variety of colourful banner displays in between which people will walk (these will be mostly Irish people who will sing traditional songs, although non-Irish people are more than welcome to join in!). There will be some Irish dancers performing throughout the parade also. Most importantly, St. Patrick himself will be present on the big day!

Various bands may be part of the parade, a traditional part of any Irish St. Patrick’s Day parade! In addition, a variety of social societies, schools, and businesses will be represented throughout. Although the main theme will obviously be Irish, there will be a Finnish element involved, to embrace the international aspect of the day in relation to the location of the parade. In light of this aspect, a splash of British and Swedish culture will also be introduced.

There will be a parade marshal leading the whole affair, as well as parade supervisors and security, ensuring that the whole event is well-organised and follows the set route and schedule as smoothly as possible. The hectic pace of the parade will ensure that on-lookers will not be cold while watching the enjoyable event, regardless of the weather!

The evening section of the event will take place in Virgin Oil Company, where there will be an option of eating a delicious meal. The entrance ticket will include two raffle tickets (there will be a reduced entrance price for those having the meal). Some lucky participants will therefore win themselves lovely prizes! There will be an Irish-themed band, which will be followed by a DJ for the remainder of the evening, and also some promotional Irish-styled drinks on offer!

In addition to this venue, St. Patrick’s Day will be celebrated in all the Irish pubs around the city (and indeed, the country!). There are many events happening in each one including a treasure hunt, family-orientated dinner, Irish dancing, and much more – just visit your favourite pub and join in the craic!

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