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"the most evil man in town"
by Bohdan Yuri
2008-01-22 09:56:32
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you are the most evil man in town,
your house is just down the street.
you once told us it was hard to remarry,
ever since your wife drowned accidentally,

in swan pond, over twenty years ago;
you were still waiting for the right lady
to once more transpire into your life,
then, last year the truth had found your lie.

Jimmy, who lives further down the street,
told the police what you'd done to him,
--- Tommy, Eric, and all the others too;
why you were so kindly fond of children,
always letting them use your pool
and all those treats inside your house.
uncle peachy, they all called you,
always offering a cool one for the road.

Jimmy didn't want to tell the whole story,
saying that he'd fallen against a fence
and that the cuts were just an accident;
but they'd taken samples, and they knew.
soon the others gave in and confessed
that you'd done much more to them
than just being their friend, you paid dollars
for a few small favors if they wouldn't tell.

enraged souls wanting to rip your hateful heart
instead lynched themselves with victim's sorrows.
the trial was secret but the verdict was not.
six years: with psychiatric care, rehabilitation,
throw in good behavior, maybe just a year.
now you're out and you've come back.
but we don't want you here because
you are the most evil man in our town.

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