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One more year to go
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-01-15 09:57:27
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Reading reports, mails and news bulletins for George W. Bush’s visit in the Middle East the only thing coming to your mind is that this is going to be a very hard year; the man decided to leave a legacy of mistakes and wrong policies and whomever wins the next US presidential election is in deep, hmm, trouble – I was planning to use another word, but it doesn’t matter… you know what I mean!

First stop in his visit was Turkey, the most disloyal ally of the USA as they have proved a lot of times. Actually, the only thing this American administration has in common with Turkey’s politicians is that for their own short term good they are able to sacrifice even their only allies. And the Bush administration did show the other day in the gardens of the presidential palace in Ankara by sacrificing their only allies in the area, the Kurds.

It is such a pity for these people, the only thing they asked from the Americans was to give land and blood in their fight against Saddam was their dignity back - exactly what Saddam has stolen from them. And they helped the Americans under any cost and the cost in the area is heavy; in a place where to be on the same side with the Americans is equal to treason and good reason to become an enemy of the public, the Kurds did it. They even talked about democracy and when the newly freed Iraqi government tried to stand the only allies they found were among the Kurds. The Kurds turned to be the only point of stability in a country ready to dive into a civil war.

The Kurds invested everything into the Americans to get what? Nothing! It took a cup of tea with the Turkish president to put the tombstone on the Kurds' dreams. Now what is left to them? Very little and unfortunately for them the PKK is one of the very few things the Americans left to them. But the Americans have done it before, again and again and they have never learned.

Everybody hoped that what happened with Saddam and bin Laden would be a lesson for at least this administration. Saddam was their creation or at least a past creation and he turned against them but here it is all over again with Bush’s administration doing the same mistake with Pakistan with Musharraf. A grave mistake since the ‘great’ ally in Pakistan is the host of all the terrorist organizations in the area.

Then he flew to Israel for peace talks. Peace talks when you obviously support one side and consider the other …terrorists is not much of peace talks; it is just a show that proves one more time that the USA at least with this administration is part of the problem and not any kind of help. Then he continued with the United Arab Emirates, where he attacked Iran, flagging once more that it is a state of terrorists.

Iran is not a democracy, it is a violent and brutal dictatorship with a religious background and the democratic face with the puppet president is a joke, but - and this is a huge but - it is a case of Iran’s citizens who are the only ones to be terrorised from this dictatorship to kick out the mullahs to where they really belong. By calling them a terrorist regime and terrorist state the only thing he manages is to ridiculous the word 'terrorism' and in the end, just like with the tale with the little boy and the wolf, when real terrorists appear nobody will listen. Until now everybody who was not willing to follow Mr. Bush’s orders will have been baptised a terrorist and everybody willing to kiss his ass has been baptised a good friend and democratic just like Musharraf. But how long this will go?

Obviously it has gone already very far, a few years ago this administration nearly called Germany and France terrorists just because they didn’t want to join the invasion army to Iraq, who’s next? Because more countries are not going to agree in an invasion to Iran, I’m sure just like more countries withdraw days after day from Iraq.

George W. Bush's trip in the Middle East continues and till now in every single stop he caused more damage than good to the American foreign policy. If he’s doing that in an attempt to help his republican party for the coming elections I really pity these candidates; if he’s doing that for his legacy I really pity us!

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