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Take UN military interventions
by Rohingya Human Rights
2008-01-15 09:56:59
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Dear Mr. Ban Ki-moon and International Governments,

We are writing in order to urge you to take UN military interventions on the situation of human rights and political crisis in Burma, and to implement them immediately. The UNSC must delay no longer in acting on this ongoing human rights and humanitarian catastrophe.

Contrary to what was alleged by Burma's regime and its allies at the Council debate previously, the report was prepared by a credible team with a fair mandate. Its findings confirmed what has long been widely known: that the Burma's regime is responsible for "large-scale international crimes in the States of Arakan, Shan, Karen and that other parties to the conflict also have committed gross violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

The report urges the Council to:

* condemn the continuing violations by all sides
* address the Burma's regime "manifest failure in its responsibility to protect civilians" and to call for such protection
* urge the Burma's regime to stop killing monks, and the ethnic Karens, Rohingyas and Shans
* take action regarding compensation for victims and accountability for perpetrators
* establish a dedicated mechanism to continue to monitor the situation in Burma and to measure compliance with international recommendations
* actively support the establishment of a credible, independent national human rights commission for the Union of Burma

The Council should do all of these things without further delay. It also should strongly urge the other actors to whom the report also made recommendations to implement them immediately. Particularly important are that the Burma's regime cooperate fully in the deployment of the proposed United Nations peacekeeping force and with the International Criminal Court; that all UN member states provide adequate funding and support for the proposed peacekeeping mission; and that the UN General Assembly compile a list of foreign companies that have an adverse impact on human rights in Burma and ask India, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, France, the UK, the US and Russia entities to stop doing business with the Burma's regime.


Dr. Zaw Win
General Director,
Arakan National Organization for Human Rights and Justice (ANOHRJ)
Arakan State
Union of Burma
Email: anohrj@gmail.com

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