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On the American Elections
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-01-14 09:47:31
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This really is a significant opportunity for the rest of the world to knock on America’s door and try to open the eyes of the majority (or the more conscious part) of their citizens for an obvious reality: they were cheated too. You simply can’t invade and spread destruction all over the world just to steal other’s oil and natural gas, thus maintaining your privileged and hegemonic position, because the whole world will revolt against you and this, of course, won’t be good for anyone.

This is clear as pure water and basic logics. Like the kid who bullies others on the playground to steal their lunch, and then points his finger: “but I stole his lunch because he’s fat” or “because he’s a Muslim” or “because he wears glasses” or “because his father is a communist”, etc. The world is not a kindergarten – though I agree it would be much funnier if it was, but in playful, positive sense – for little boys to play wars and it is not like that we are going to achieve peace, AND: peace and food are much more important than dollars for humanity to develop and prosper. Little war boys have to be educated to understand that. Little war boys can’t be left alone ruling countries.

Europe’s own responsibility is not negligible. But it is, right now, on the hands of the American citizens to grab their destiny and say: “Enough is enough, you have been bringing destruction for our children too, this world is a mess, you are a mess”. This would show signs of a pretty mature democracy. Since we are not alone, we must be responsible. And perhaps it is time for people all over the world to start demanding another kind of organization and social system which does not lie on, nor allow, such destruction machines and schemes to rule, in the name of money, economy and brutality.

Economy is not my deal. My deal is people. Money is not my business. People are my business, I’m a person myself. War is not my game, but peace is my desire, and it is true if we all want it. People with more power in our societies must be worried about other people, until a stage comes when you can just give the power away because what counts is you as a human being as dignified as others, and not the power you have. If my comfort is dependent of thirty people starving or being killed in another place, what kind of social and political organization is this, and who does it serve?

We are responsible. What we can do immediately, or in the short-term, is to take war criminals and puppets out of power positions. But, my friends, as long as there will be power positions, there will be power-craving individuals and groups trying to catch them, so beware. When the kid who bashes is bashed, he begins to cry much faster than other kids. It’s time for war boys to learn they can be appreciated for much more important things than the ability to destroy and hurt and kill just to fill their pockets and wallets. That’s not a gift nor a virtue, that’s sacking. America shouldn’t want to prosper over blood. No one should. America has much more important things to offer to the world than invasion and destruction. I wish its people will show us all it has learned its own lessons.

Let’s see positive and think positive, and realize our comfort can’t be due to a war machine, or it will self-destroy. Let us realize it also in Europe, and in what European countries’ immigration laws says respect, for example, even the laws of immigration between themselves. More: the way to bring peace is to share what we have for granted with others, not to steal and keep stealing what is theirs, and if this is done, ours will be a comfort of heart and soul too, besides a material one. The whole world can have dignity.

The whole world are not multinationals, it is made of people, sisters and brothers collectively named people, not coins nor dollars nor euros nor statistics nor little mansion-Gods and little private account-Allahs, nor the dictatorship of economic indicators and quotations which serves to legitimate atrocities and keep the power of a few over the rest. America, which has been having its imperial and colonizing time now, should learn with the lessons of those who have gone through it long ago.

America can give much more to itself (and the world) than dollars, and doesn’t need to expand, as it is part of something bigger. The only way to go is a peace and dialogue way, or there will be no way for anyone. It’s very important to realize that. But it’s even more important, right now, to stand up and demand that we all go that way. Our hands do, our hearts rule, our will is great.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-14 13:15:43
I am afraid that Machiavelli’s “reason of state” and Nietzsche’s “will to power” were born in Europe as ideas and brought to the United States by Europeans; and ideas matter. Those ideas were unknown to the native Americans and Western Man (both modern American and European) would have been well advised to learn from the natives and discard those two pernicious ideas. Alas, he did not and so we ended up with the 20th century and two world wars and the gulags and the lagers and social Darwinism rampant in the prosperous, so called first world, America and Europe. (continued below)

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-14 13:16:31
I visit Europe often. Every time I go there I am confronted by a cousin of mine who proposed this syllogism: the reason you Americans can own a single private home is that two children starve to death every minute. This is a rather crude in your face argument with a not so veiled conclusion: you Americans are thieves and exploiters and should be ashamed of yourselves. It has taken a considerable amount of time and effort to convince my Communist cousin that it is a fallacy to begin an argument with a collective “you.” So whenever he says “you Americans “ I reply immediately: “which Americans?” Indeed not all Americans own a single home and some (some forty-five millions of them are relatively poor). I also remind him of the history of African colonization which is not American but European and that if the correlation between starving children and prosperity is to be made it should begin with the correlation between European and African history. So the issue seems to be contained in a book by Bernano titled “The Diary of a Country Priest” where two Catholic Priests have an argument on the subject of poverty and the role of the rich and powerful in it and the wiser priest asks the other more hot-headed one this question (and I am paraphrasing): don’t you think it is difficult to distinguish in many revolutionary Communists their ideological universal love of the poor from their particular hatred of the rich?” The question is still valid today. Be that as it may, my cousin and I have remained friends and we go to lunch together and continue dialoguing even as we continue to disagree: a good paradigm I would aver for transatlantic relations.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-14 16:02:16
P.S. I suppose what I am trying to put across with the above is that if there is a crisis it is a common crisis. It is one belonging to Western Civilization as a whole. One of cultural identity. Both the EU and the US are in th boat named Western Civilization. So either we save ourselves together or we drown together if that luxury boat (the Titanic?) flounders on the iceberg called nihilism. A glimpse of that crisis is given in a recent seemingly innoquous comment in "Europe & US" which appeared in this very magazine a few days ago and it went like this: if Americans elect a Hackabee they will bring the US back to the Middle Ages. That comment shows ignorance not only of Amerian history but also of European history and Western civilization and reveals a not so hidden bias against religion. The question then is this: once religion has been liquidated, will nihilism and rationalism and relativism save us? I for one highly doubt it. The fruits of nihilism are all around us. It would be enough to keep one's eyes and one's mind open.

Sand2008-01-14 19:49:33
But I thought you admired the Middle Ages where everybody felt firmly that they were Europeans. The way global warming is coming through we all might even enjoy a black plague or two.

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-14 21:15:11
Had you read the Making of Europe by Dawson with an open mind, you wouldn't be asking the question. Indeed, ignorance is bliss. Stay tuned for a piece on Dawson. Better still, start preparing the bonfire in which to throw it with a few apt caricatures and silly comments.

A.P.2008-01-14 23:05:30
Mr. Paparella:
You should have noticed that I said Europe has its own responsibilities, but the article was about american elections. Americans are free to give their opinion when we have elections in Europe. Not only Machiavelli and Nietzsche were exported, some german nazi scientists were hired by the americans to found Nasa, remember?

A.P.2008-01-15 02:18:42
Besides, I'm not anti-american at all, we just should say the truth: no other country in the world has as many and as powerful nuclear weapons as the States (eg. they have submarines with dozens of nuclear missiles, and each one of those has the capacity to transform in a total desert a region equivalent to China). Is that alright? So I think it's the worst country in the world for idiots and war business men to rule.

A.P.2008-01-15 02:34:58
When can even talk about other things, like the attempts to monopolize the air space all over the earth for military purposes, use something extremely dangerous like nuclear power satellites which can disintegrate and fall down anywhere on earth contaminating huge areas, the fallacy of "surgical war" which principles rely on massive bombing, that military-scientific basis in Alaska where no one in the world knows what happens (though they think they can already create artificially the atmospheric conditions necessary to provoke a massive electric discharge on an area equivalent to a big city) and the project to explore intensely the moon's minerals and materials for military purposes (they have power as no known substance on earth, who explores them will be extremely wealthy and have more power to militarily destroy than we can imagine). I think all this - and some other things, like breaking international laws and agreements repeatedly - show that the States have been in the wrong hands.

A.P.2008-01-15 02:37:58
"We can even"

AP2008-01-15 03:16:32
"military-scientific bases"

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-16 12:56:34
Ms Pereira,
had you read my comments carefully you would have noticed that I don't absove either America nor Europe from their refusal to reject the Machiavellian paradigm based on political power. What I did say is that we are in the same boat and the boat may be on a collision course with an iceberg and that iceberg is called nihilism, whether you interpret it philosophically or in a more common sense popular mode.

A.P.2008-01-16 23:05:38
I always enjoyed pop modes of expression...:P

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