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Rudy Giuliani and the hare
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-01-12 10:24:32
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While all the lights are on, Democrats Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama and Republican John McCain declares the old soldier’s heroic comeback, there is somebody missing: the 9-11 mayor Rudy Giuliani! The man has not shown up yet, even though the race has started and there are already some rumours for financial difficulties that I find hard to believe.

Rudy Giuliani was the first to announce his decision to be a Presidential candidate long before the others and he was the first to put organized teams investigating his chances all around the country long before any other candidate from both parties announced anything. The former N.Y. mayor was the first to start the financing rally and he was the first to attract a lot of celebrities support exchanging, carefully I have to admit, his role during the 9-11.

I noted Giuliani’s careful moves regarding his role on 9-11 just because it was the opposite of what the former mayor had done for the last two years and exactly before announcing his candidacy with his moment, even with the Queen of England. For over a year all the media agencies followed every step he did and all the celebrity magazines had his photo and then …nothing. The most important point, when his P.R. system should storm the media world, Rudy Giuliani found modesty; something that nobody could accuse him for in the past.

His totally unorthodox strategy raises questions, especially when his opponents inside the Republican Party have started taking a lead in the race. But first his financial situation. The truth is - and as things have already shown - these are going to be the most expensive elections in the US history, his opponents inside the Republican Party, McCain, Romney and Huckabee have already invested millions with only Iowa and New Hampshire behind them and the difficult Florida on the way. Perhaps Giuliani considered Iowa and New Hampshire not important to change anything and that Florida and the big 20, including California and Illinois on 5th of February, will really make the difference.

Perhaps he’s right; his opponents have already wasted money, effort and, most of all, their reputation in Iowa. The battle between his opponents in the state of Iowa reminded more of a dog fight than a competition between gentlemen for the seat of the President of the United States and Giuliani by not participating at all might came out clean of it focusing more in states with more regulative role in the US elections and more liberal and open in ethics like California, Illinois and of course his state New York.

Regarding his financial situation and after the issue been questioned a lot, a spokesman from Giuliani’s headquarters explained that the former mayor’s campaign has $12.7 million on hand and another $7 million that could turn anytime. Of course he made it clear that Rudy Giuliani continues to bring in money with several fundraisers scheduled in Florida already and naturally any donation will be welcome. So money-wise everything seems fine and I have faith to the master P.R. politician to be able to bring as much as necessary to succeed. But even that has been kept in low profile compared to the big announcements from his opponents inside the party for how many million they managed to raise.

I think the whole secret behind this unorthodox strategy hides behind something I wrote in the last paragraph, everybody has faith that Giuliani will make it in the end. Until now his opponents have spent most of their time in value issues and trying to prove who’s going to be a better Bush in Bush’s place. None of them has shown any differential sign or any program for how they are going to improve the Republicans policy, put any personal ideas. Giuliani is all that before he even started, the man has shown it while being mayor of New York and, all through the last two years, he has shown that he has an agenda and a plan; most of all, he has shown that he doesn’t want to be Bush in the place of Bush but a new Republican administration with Rudy Giuliani as president.

Everybody is expecting that this election will be a walk for the Democrats - it doesn’t matter who is going to be, Hilary or Obama - but I would suggest that we had better wait and see, even though I don’t like it if you remember the old children story when the turtle beat the hare!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-12 10:44:43
Indeed Thanos, nobody can accuse American presidential campaigns of being boring. This year we have a first woman, a first African-American, and a first Italian-American running. As for Giuliani, having been a prosecutor against the New York Mafia, he knows which are the offers one cannot refuse; meanwhile he has asked his staff to work without pay for a month or more. Nothing develops loyalty as working for free. In any case, you are right, something is brewing. Bring in the clowns, and the onions...

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-12 11:01:25
P.S. One thing is for sure: the game is not going to be a checker game, hopping straight to the coronation, but a chess game, aside from the fact that we have no monarchy or ingrained political dinasties redolent of monarchy in America. That is the reason we had a revolution to begin with.

Chris2008-01-12 22:59:58
If you really want to see it get interesting, just wait until Bloomberg enters the race.


Rudy knew2008-01-13 06:52:07
He knew the towers would collapse...


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