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"ONE to one" campaign
by The Ovi Team
2008-01-12 10:24:12
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Dear ONE Member,

This year,
what happens in Vegas—and all of Nevada—isn't going to stay there. That's because, on January 19, Nevada is holding its earliest presidential caucus ever, right on the heels of Iowa and New Hampshire.

I know ONE members across the country don't want to sit on the sidelines during a contest this important. That's why we're breaking out the "ONE to one" campaign again, and giving you the chance to make a personal connection with a Nevada voter.

Write a letter to a voter in Nevada and send the message that their vote can help end extreme poverty and global disease.

The "ONE to one" campaign proved to be a great success in Iowa. ONE members sent almost 50,000 letters to likely Iowa caucus-goers asking them to visit our On The Record campaign site: to compare the presidential candidates on issues like hunger, access to clean water, combating HIV/AIDS and more.

The decisions that caucus-goers make in Nevada will have a major impact on the race for the presidency. When you ask a Nevadan to visit our On The Record website and learn more about where the candidates stand, you'll be putting global poverty front and center in the 2008 presidential campaign.

In Iowa, the "ONE to one" campaign was a strong complement to the work of nearly 700 Iowa ONE members who caucused for ONE on January 3—proposing anti-global poverty planks at their caucuses and raising awareness about out issues.

Reverend Denise Anderson told us that:

"I am still talking about your website that offers comparison views for all the candidates with regards to global poverty and other important justice and advocacy issues. This ONE site helped me compare everyone question by question and thus helped me make up my mind which great person for whom I wanted to stand up and be counted."

Just imagine a caucus-goer who had already received a "One to one" letter stepping into ONE member Katie's caucus:

"I caucused with the Republicans in West Des Moines, and had a great time!..After the voting took place, we went through some of the other precinct business, and addressed platform issues—I submitted the ONE platform plank, and thankfully it passed!!"

Now in Nevada, we have a chance to build on our success. Take a look at the talking points we've provided or our draft letter and then get writing for your chance to make a real connection with a Nevada voter.

No one speaks with as much passion about the opportunity that we have to eliminate extreme poverty and global disease than individual ONE members. To highlight that dedication, the ONE team will pick five of the very best letters from across the country and send them to an additional group of 40,000 Nevadans who we know will raise their voices on caucus night.

The deadline to submit your letter is 4:00 p.m. EST Thursday. So get writing for the opportunity to send a letter to the voters who will play such an influential role in choosing the candidates for the presidency.

Last night, voters in New Hampshire set turnout records in a presidential race that just keeps getting hotter. As we turn to Nevada, we can raise our voices and make sure that what happens in Las Vegas and everywhere else in the Silver State brings us one step closer to a world free from extreme poverty and global disease.

Thank you,

David Lane, ONE.org

"ONE to one" is a project of ONE Action to educate voters about the presidential candidates' plans on issues of importance to ONE Action's members. Only 501 (c)(3) activities are funded by The ONE Campaign.

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