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Peace Art 2
by Alexandra Pereira
2008-01-09 09:51:44
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Alexandra Pereira returns with more political imagery in her 'Peace Art' series.

For the full Peace Art 2 Exhibition, click HERE!

For more Exhibitions, click HERE!

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-09 13:53:47
Those pictures inevitably take one back to Euripides’ Trojan Women which has been recreated in several modern versions, one of them by Sartre with veiled references to European imperialism in Asia and other existential themes. It also occurs to me that when the Greeks presented overwhelming tragedies such as Medea or The Trojan Women they had it followed by a comedy or satire, a sort of anti-catharsis. The satire that accompanied the Trojan Women was Sisyphos. Did Euripedes know something about war that we no longer know?

Alexandra Pereira2008-01-09 23:16:49
Probably he knew something we all know, but which we have, collectively, been ignoring for a long time...

A.P.2008-01-09 23:18:04
Too long, in fact.

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