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World Peace Model # 1: Oughtopian peace model World Peace Model # 1: Oughtopian peace model
by Joseph Gatt
2008-01-20 09:11:29
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"Oughtopia" is a term coined by Korean philosopher Choue Young Seek. It is a philosophy that leads to a society that ought to be realized, a society that is spiritually beautiful, materially affluent and humanly rewarding.

Inspired by Choue Young Seek’s philosophy, Sohn Jae Shik, a former politician and scholar, designed the World Peace Model. For Sohn, the road to global peace can be achieved through several phases or steps. Currently, there is no world government and the UN has limited powers. However, countries are increasingly joining supranational organizations, such as the EU in Europe, the AU in Africa, NAFTA in North America, APEC in the Asia-Pacific region or MERCOSUR in South America.

Choue Young Seek calls that a “regional integration society”, which is the second step in Sohn’s design for global peace. The world should then move to PAX UN, world peace through the UN, that would provide a strong UN form. The world should then move on to a loose world federal republic, then to a global common society, then to a tight world federal republic.

Of course, Choue and Sohn agree that it can not be realized without certain conditions. Universal democracy, meaning that all countries adopt a democratic form of government, justice, disarmament and arms control are all conditions to achieving world peace. According to Choue, we are moving beyond the age of materialism and idealism. We are entering a new age in which the spirit and body as well as man’s moral character will be developed.

In his book on Choue’s philosophy, Pedro Bernaldez, a professor at Legazpi University in the Philippines, explains Choue’s strategy for world peace. The greatest threat being the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, arms control and disarmament are an important step towards achieving world peace. Global governance also ought to be altered, as organizations such as the G8 seem to have more power than the UN, and the fact that five countries have veto power in the UN Security Council seems to block several peace initiatives.

Peace education is an important step to realize peace. As Choue would say, “only when education can transmit the universal concept that peace is a belief we must follow and cherish, will a bright peaceful future of mankind be ours”. World citizenship and multiculturalism are aspects of a Global Integrated Society, in a new cultural-welfare society.

Choue’s philosophy is one way of having visions for the future. Others predict clash of civilizations, the end of history, third world wars or other destructive futures. In a world where hatred and intolerance seem to have a stronger voice, it is about time that human being realized that they have created a world society based on selfish interests rather than interests of society as a whole. However, as much as we can be realists and claim that the world is in fact a “war of all against all”, in the end the world has the means to be completely destroyed. In that case, there would be no winners.

Unfortunately, some would rather die than share. Now that we live in a world where dying for a cause and perpetrating suicide attacks are trendy and appreciated by some society (remember Tony Blair’s wife saying that suicide bombers in the Palestinian Authority had no other choice?), it is about time that society accepts that we are in fact all one single human race that is meant to coexist peacefully.

Though many see war and exclusionary nationalism as temporary solutions to economic prosperity, in fact the only long term solution for economic prosperity is peace. That is how world peace can be achieved if it provides better arguments than war.

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-20 11:10:59
“According to Choue, we are moving beyond the age of materialism and idealism. We are entering a new age in which the spirit and body as well as man’s moral character will be developed.”

The designation New Age is indeed meant to imply the advent of a New Man. Many thinkers have envisioned this new man from time immemorial, Aristotle and Nietzsche being two of them. The difference between the two is that the former believed in the will to truth and the latter in the will to power. Socrates said “knowledge is virtue” but Paul says “I know the good but I do evil.” I suppose the issue centers around the perfectibility of human nature and the inevitability of progress, so called and the need to engage in the rat race; as Thoreau put, the need to get ahead.

A more nuanced and more realistic description of man can be observed on Michelangelo visual narrative on the Sistine ceiling. There the story begins with the drunkenness of Noah and the degradation of the body back to the beginning, the creation of light; light being a metaphor for the spirit infused in man by his Creator. In between there is a garden with a snake and man, of his own choice leaves the garden to go on a long journey leading back to it so that he may know it for the first time. I submit that such a narration, or myth if you will, rings more true to reality than those that have evolutionary inevitable progress and the survival of the fittest as its scaffolding. If man is indeed free and created in the image of God, then nothing is inevitable; he freely decides his own fate and whether or not he creates a heaven or hell on earth, to be continued beyond space and time. The angels did not announce to the sheperds “good will to men” at Christmas time, but rather “peace to men of good will.” There is a big difference.

Maheshjani2011-05-21 16:09:03
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