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New world disorder # 1: Global Injustice New world disorder # 1: Global Injustice
by Joseph Gatt
2008-01-13 10:22:54
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For similar crimes, here’s how people don’t get different punishments:

-A guy lies about his religion or ethnicity to avoid racial prejudice from other people. He gets caught and his friends think it’s so lame, they lose trust in him, stop talking to him and speak ill of him.
-A French stand up comic claims while promoting his gig that he is of mixed Jewish-Arab ethnicity and that his father is Moslem and mother is Jewish. Truth is his father is from a Jew from Yemen and mother is Jewish from Russian descent. Thousands attended his gig thinking that he was a symbol of tolerance. No one actually found out that he lied, and when people did, they still liked him.
-Dictators lie to entire nations about their citizen’s ethnicity and religion, and deny minorities the right to speak and learn their language in schools, don’t allow public use of their language and don’t let them build religious sights or gathering points, confiscate their religious books and sometimes take them to prison accusing them of proselytism. They are still admired by many people and many proudly hang their pictures on walls and cheerfully attend their public appearances.

-A guy steals candy from a shop. He gets caught, arrested, sent to jail. Once released from prison, he has trouble finding a job and society sees him as a criminal.
-Companies steal money from their clients. They scam them by hiding the total cost of the product, consumers think they pay a certain price, and end up finding out that they subscribed to the product and have to pay for additional products each month. The clause was stated in the contract in tiny letters. In legal terms that is called willful misrepresentation, but companies often get away with it and maintain their prestige.
-Dictators steal millions from public money. They do get caught, often place that money in bank accounts in tax havens and don’t lose that much support from people. Once they are overthrown, they live the rest of their lives in exile, living luxurious lives with their names mentioned in history text books.

-A guy cheats at his exam. He gets caught, gets kicked out from school, is banned from taking exams for a certain period of time. I do remember a case where a girl hid her cell phone’s earphone in her hair and was talking to someone outside the examination room. She got caught and spent six months in jail.
-Farmers and retailers cheat on their products (and companies in general). They stuff their cattle with illegal food or water, add products or water inside vegetables to increase their volume and cheat on their quality. They get caught, people still buy their products.
-Countries cheat by violating international law. They get caught, but are still considered prestigious in the global community.

-A guy manipulates his girlfriend to have sex with her. He gets caught, she dumps him and ruins his reputation.
-Companies, brokerage firms and investment companies manipulate stocks and make profits from selling them. Many times they don’t get caught, and when major companies do get caught, they are still in business.
-Leaders manipulate people on a variety of themes, from predicting that the country will face economic crisis to pretending the country’s economic situation is excellent, for their own benefits. They get votes, get elected and often are admired by people and the media.

-A guy harasses people by stalking them or spying on their activities. He gets trialed, and is often forbidden from seeing those people.
-Companies and CEOs harass their workers to increase productivity. Their reputation remains intact.
-Governments harass their citizens by forcing them to obey weird laws, with all forms of harassment, including religious harassment, racial harassment, psychological harassment, hazing, mobbing, stalking…, and are still respected by the international community.

-A guy kills someone for whatever reason. He faces prison for life, or execution.
-Business leaders have been involved in assassinations, when they consider people are dangerous for their business activities. People still buy their products.
-Governments kill, commit genocides and get away with it. Several former Nazis fled to Argentina and Brazil, and the US dropped two nuclear bombs in Japan, destroying entire cities, without ever getting a trial. Some even consider the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki a heroic act.

How can peace ever be achieved if people are punished for crimes companies and governments get away with? In several countries, including the most advanced ones, entering politics means getting immunity. Justice is often corrupt, and judges often get phone calls to dismiss cases. In true democracies, people make the law, however, no matter where one lives, governments and companies monopolize law. That’s why people should claim justice for all, small and large companies, leaders, civil society and the population as a whole.

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A.P.2008-01-14 01:06:23
True. Still I think that the case is not that individuals are punished and collective strenghts are not. The wealthier and more powerful the individual, the less likelihood there is that he gets punished, in most places. That's what's wrong. I think you're right that people should demand equal justice for all, that's a basic thing and the only acceptable way, and judges should be protected but not untouchable, and be replaced when there is evidence that they were somehow influenced and partial, or even bought. It's true that governments and companies monopolize law, it's their instrument and they often use it in not noble ways. Common people should participate more.

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