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A wish for 2008
by Thanos Kalamidas
2008-01-01 10:26:50
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When writing an article of the most important events for the year 2007, I think I wrote is what I wish and want most for the year 2008. You see, I have lost all my hopes for peace on earth soon, I don’t think anymore for the end of criminality in the next few years, cure of all the diseases and total freedom and democracy for the next decades. You see, even now when writing that I feel like a dreamer but I can wish something and I can wish it will come true soon; it must come true soon. This number that I see like a guillotine over all our heads that has to decrease is 30,000 kids dying every day, somewhere on this planet. 30,000 kids is a number difficult to swallow.

And this is it, I feel like I wrote everything I would like to write for the beginning of this year, stop the death of these children, stop child slavery, stop child pornography, stop child labour, stop child violence, stop child poverty and child hunger.

I can write here how much faith I have in Ovi magazine and all the things we are thinking to do and change for the New Year, I can tell you about the faith I have in this glorious team that participates in the Ovi magazine with their most valuable part, their spirit. I never believed that we are going to change the world and I never hoped that we alone will bring democracy to Iran and Turkey or we will be the ones who will kick out of the notorious enthroned people, like Mugabe or Musharraf, but I do strongly believe that we put a tiny small rock in a huge building for democracy and freedom. It will take time, a long time, till the building is ready but I will always feel that we in Ovi magazine didn’t waste our time in front of a television watching another reality show and the three thousand people who read daily our magazine make me feel that we do something however small it is.

There are too many battles we have to give in Ovi magazine. There are many battles in different fields. Domestic violence, torture, democracy, drugs, freedom of speech, freedom to choose, against ignorance, against prejudice, against idiots. I put them randomly on prepuce, because all of them and each one of them is equally important. None of them is more important, they are all important and every single contribution helps. The verses of a poem helping our battle against idiots, a drawing helps our battle for democracy or against domestic violence.

In the last few years we all saw the reduction of our human rights, rights for which people died and still die, we saw one man from the mountains between Pakistan and Afghanistan bin Laden spreading fear and becoming the excuse for a series of crimes. In the name of war against terror thousands of innocents die from Iraq to Afghanistan, in the name of the war against terror Russians try to obliterate the Chechens, likewise the Turks with the Kurds. In the name of the war against terrorism thousands of cameras watch every breath I take, computers listen to every communication I have and intelligence read every letter I write. In the name of the war against terrorism instead of the criminals to be imprisoned I am the prisoner in a gigantic Guantanamo and the only thing I can do is say …thank you!

But this has to stop. Mugabe has to be stopped and Musharraf has to be stopped, but most of all it is the number of 30,000 kids dying daily that has to be stopped from rising. There are places on this earth where kids die because of a lack of clean water, kids die because viruses we have cured decades ago rage because the right vaccines haven’t reached them on time. There are kids dying because grown-ups started wars they don’t know how to fight and stop. What do I wish for the New Year? I wish this number to vanish and I know that we can do it. From the president of the USA to the last person in the streets we can do it all together.

I know I was very serious in my first editorial for the year 2008 but a year like 2007 doesn’t leave me much room to be anything else. Of course I hope and wish the best for all of you, health is very important – that’s a personal lesson from 2007 – family is equally important and prosperity but lets push a bit all together, let’s make everybody here and stop this number rising.

Have a good year everybody

Thanos Kalamidas

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Emanuel Paparella2008-01-01 16:29:21
A toast to your commendable wish Thanos. And for those of us who wish to go beyond toasting and take a first modest step here is the address of a reputable organization which is making a difference in chideren's lives all over the world:

P.O. Box 219055
Kansas City MO 64121-9055

For $ 22 a month (approximately half a euro per day) one can make a substantial difference in the life on one destitute child. Surely thre is a site on the internet. Let's look it up and start the new year right.

Eva2008-01-01 17:21:22
Happy New Year, Thanos!
I hope that on new year's day 2009 you'll be able to write a light-hearted and happy editorial after a wonderful year with many good things happening.
Greetings from a misty Edinburgh; a day made for watching film after film after film in front of the fire, cups of tea and yummy snacks... mmmm this year is at least starting well over here :)

Emanuel Paparella2008-01-01 18:31:04

A follow-up: the above is a link to the site of Children International.

Alexandra Pereira2008-01-01 18:44:03
Happy New Year, Thanos!

"What do I wish for the New Year? I wish this number to vanish and I know that we can do it. From the president of the USA to the last person in the streets we can do it all together."
That's very serious and a wise wish. :)

Jack2008-01-02 22:59:34
As far as getting as much from each donation dollar, Feed The Children is still one of the best organized, highest rated, and most importantly, have a high regard for children living in poverty. They have no mid-level managers. They just get the food to the families and quickly. Not a lot of red tape.

I think you have priorities in exactly the right place my friend, speaking as a father and grandfather. It starts and ends with the children. They are our future yes, but the need is for the now and present. Not bad idea for a car salesman in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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