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by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-12-29 09:54:41
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At "Meet Mike Huckabee" event Friday morning in Pella, Iowa, the former Arkansas governor and surprising leader in Iowa clarified comments he made Thursday night suggesting that, in the wake of Benazir Bhutto's assassination, the U.S. be on the lookout for illegal immigrants from Pakistan attempting to cross our borders.

I didn’t know that USA has borders with Pakistan, Afghanistan and India!


President George Bush said he intends to veto the $696 billion defense authorization that would include a pay raise for military personnel and fund the overhaul of veterans' health care program. Why the veto? Because the bill includes a provision that would "imperil Iraqi assets held in the United States," the White House statement released Friday said. A provision in the bill would permit lawyers to freeze Iraqi funds in the US and would expose Iraq to "massive liability in lawsuits concerning the misdeeds of the Saddam Hussein regime," the White House argues.

And we all told him to stop investing in Iraq, it doesn’t look good, but …does he ever listen?


After weeks when domestic issues have dominated, Thursday's assassination of Pakistan's ex-PM Benazir Bhutto thrust foreign policy back on the USA presidential elections candidates’ agenda.

Who remembers when George W. Bush was candidate, ten years ago, somebody asked him if he knew who was president of Pakistan and he answered …the general!


Venezuelan aircraft are ready to begin a mission to Colombia shortly to pick up three hostages Colombian rebels have said they will release.

Thunder- Chavez to rescue!


Sales of new US homes declined much more in November than many analysts had expected, raising concerns about the state of the world's largest economy.

Indeed, people are not moving to other houses but to caravans or tents and they call them homeless!!!


The health of Cuban President Fidel Castro is good enough for him to be a candidate in next month's parliamentary elections, his brother Raul has said.

This is what we call president …for life!


Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda has held talks in Beijing with his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao. Both parties indicated that ties between the two countries were improving, saying "spring has come".

So why here in the west do I feel a bit …chilly?


Berlusconi, Sarkozy …rule!!!


There is only one Ovi magazine

And it is online! The rest, blogs or others are just copycats and bad copycats!


Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant has the beard of the year, according to the Beard Liberation Front, an informal network of beard wearers. Liverpool football manager Rafael Benitez came second, with third place shared by entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson and cricketer Monty Panesar.

Beard Liberation Army be careful, the US administration will call you terrorists first and then the Turks will bomb you!


Madonna's debut movie as a director will have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival in February.

Fine, Berlin is out of our destinations this February darling!


The inheritance of US heiress Paris Hilton looks set to shrink dramatically after her grandfather announced plans to give most of his fortune to charity.

Oh my god, do you think she’s looking for a job?


The Russian government has banned a television advertisement for denying the existence of Father Christmas. The ad for Eto electrical stores stated Father Frost, Russia's version of Father Christmas, did not exist.

It should become an international law including all local Santas!


Happy New Year everybody from your favorite Ovi magazine!

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-29 10:31:59
The Roman Empire too had borders with all the countries of the then known world. Does Mr. Huckabee know something we don't know?

A.P.2007-12-31 01:46:20
Carla Bruni rules!! eheheh

Chilly Willy2007-12-31 01:48:51
Yes, I think russian kids have the right to have a goodness figure in their phantasies to balance Puttin.

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