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Who killed Benazir Bhutto?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-12-28 13:12:38
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It is like there is a huge drama scene covering Pakistan and everybody has become a pawn in the hands of an invisible power. Benazir Bhutto is dead, assassinated in a suicide attack. Sixteen more Pakistanis are dead from the attack and several others injured. Benazir Bhutto is dead and the Pakistani military dictator, Pervez Musharraf condemned the killing while urging the people to stay calm, reassuring everybody that these terrorists can be defeated.

Benazir Bhutto has already become a martyr of democracy in Pakistan however ironic this might sounds; a role that she definitely didn’t really deserve. Benazir Bhutto wished nothing else than to become Musharraf in the place of Musharraf; the former Pakistani Prime Minister had shown very little sympathy for democracy and, while in the position of Prime Minister a few years ago, she was responsible for the corruption of the whole system. Benazir Bhutto was a proven opportunist ready to ally with Musharraf and let him escape all his crimes in return for her big comeback to power, she desperately wanted to return to the prime minister’s seat. Benazir Bhutto was not a heroine in a story with good and evil, as a politician she definitely was not the good.

Musharraf from his side didn’t hold the gun and he didn’t shoot Benazir Bhutto, but he holds a great responsibility on what happened and continues to happen in Pakistan. As I mentioned above, Bhutto was far from a saint but Musharraf has totally disgraced Pakistani politicians and the political life, Musharraf was apparently a result of the corrupted political life Bhutto represented. It was her financial scandals that brought him, became the excuse of his ruthless military coup and the excuse for his staying in power so long without wishing to leave. You would say that Bhutto represented for the people the enemy who brought Musharraf despite the fact that lately Bhutto was at least showing opposition to the dictator and his plans.

Musharraf didn’t hold the gun that killed Benazir Bhutto but he gave the gun to the assassin by disgracing politicians and politics and poisoning the Pakistani for so long. Terrorists is the easy answer and they are terrorists the ones who literally killed Benazir Bhutto, but who armed, moved and gave the excuses to these terrorists for this act? And Musharraf has used terrorists too many times lately. They have become his excuse for everything, so just like the boy that cried wolf who’s going to really believe him?

Who won from this assassination? Definitely not democracy, but however strange it might sound Musharraf is included in the big losers. It is like all he did has turned like a boomerang against him. The only ones who are going to win from the situation are the radical Muslim militants, the Taliban and all the Muslim fanatics that are based in Pakistan including bin Laden.

Musharraf’s democracy that is so eagerly defended at every chance by the American administration and personally President George W. Bush, even when it was practically proven a dictatorship, has failed. The change George W. Bush and his European partners were promoting and encouraging has failed. What is left? The Sharia law; the very same law they are already practising in many places in Pakistan. You see Musharraf to base his regime had made allies from all sides including the much worse Taliban.

Musharraf, for a long time, has tried to balance between the demanding west and the unpredictable Taliban. Obviously he thought he could handle the Taliban and their allies and gradually become the puppet master, a very dangerous game where he had the blessing of the western intelligence. Soon the puppet master became the puppet and he never realized it. The worst? Nobody else wants to realize it including the western intelligent and administrations that support him so in the end is like all of us playing the game of the same people, the fanatics of the Pakistani south-eastern boarders.

Benazir Bhutto became a martyr and in the next few weeks many more Pakistani people will follow her. Despite her real acts Pakistani history one day will remember her as a martyr for democracy and if that is going to change something, if that going to help Pakistan to get rid of a dictator and find a way to democracy then all Bhutto’s past can forgiven and forgotten.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-28 11:38:47
In his 2006 autobiography "In the Line of Fire," which he enthusiastically and narcisistally peddled while on an official visit to the US, Musharraf wrote that Bhutto had "twice been tried, been tested and failed, [and] had to be denied a third chance." She had not allowed her own party to become democratic, he alleged. "Benazir became her party's 'chairperson for life,' in the tradition of the old African dictators!"

Carl Jung would definitely call those statements a “projection” of one’s own shadow.

Mohammad Ali2007-12-29 07:36:43
The brutal murderers are no one but Musharraf and his terroris murderers within the army and secret agencies. They had also killed her father. She may be a corrupt politicial, but was not as brutal terrorist and hypocrite as Musharraf and his team and agencies are who, on the one hand, producing and funding terrorism and, on the other hand, kill and curb them only to save his skin and grab millions of dollars.
Curse on them and all the hypocrite Islamists.

Alexandra Pereira2007-12-30 22:43:52
I don't know about remembering her as a martyr for democracy... just as a martyr. The truth is she was eager for power and corrupt as hell, but Musharraf can even be worst. In spite of having everything she could want, she was swallowed in power games, and couldn't stop being so, like her father, like a fate. This reminds me of the Nehru/Gandhis and Kennedys, with the due distances.

Jack2008-01-01 07:11:37
In this clear and present danger that is Pakistan, there will never be any justice over this assasination since it will never be openly and honestly investigated.

The greatest tragedy is that the people only want democracy...a right to vote for whom they wish. The emperor has no clothes...but he holds the only weapon.

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