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A wonderful three years
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-12-20 08:36:21
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I find it hard to believe that three years of Ovi magazine are behind us, three for you all, four for us with all the planning and the preparation. Ovi magazine was born and grew up in the era off blogs and personal journals and this is the reason many cannot understand the work there is behind an online magazine. Over a hundred active contributors, four articles at least a day and small changes all the time, proofreading, copywriting, a monthly PDF thematic issue and cartoons, exhibitions and galleries takes a lot of work, effort and determination since everything is voluntary.

Determination that we are doing something right. Doing something right, however small is that right, joined with the satisfaction of creation is all we want. And we are proud to see our articles that scream for children’s rights, for human rights, for freedom of speech republished and starting more conversations. Freedom of speech has always been a major issue for us and I think we have proved that we can defend even when it comes to issues we don’t entirely agree with.

And this applies to all the people who contribute to the Ovi magazine; it is like we have created all together a round table of defenders of freedom of speech and human rights. And through these three years readers have been added to this round table, with small comments, with mails, with references to Ovi magazine in their blogs they made this round table strong, really strong and they do make it daily stronger.

A magazine like Ovi, especially in its daily form over the last year, demands a lot of effort and commitment. We could not be away the same time both of us; somebody had to be on duty all the time to coordinate everything. To be contemporary meant sometimes telephone calls when other people sleep and of course we had occasionally to face attacks, copycats, people who envied our work and tried even to steal it. Most of all there were times we had to fight life herself.

There are too many people we should thank for this three year birthday but I think I owe first a personal thank you to Asa. This has been a very strange year for me, I had to give a fight for my health and there were battles I won – I think most – and ones I lost, and the battle is still going on. During this time there were many times I had to retreat from the work of Ovi magazine and, as I mentioned before, it is a lot of work even for two people. Asa took over in areas unknown to him in the past and he succeeded; our aims, our effects are above our selves. Lad, thank you for everything!

Then there are our contributors who totally excused the existence of this magazine. Ovi magazine is not a contemporary news magazine but a magazine with opinion, opinions we are not afraid to express loud and these opinions are there to start a conversation - it doesn’t matter how heated it can get. After all, it is an exchange of opinions and an exchange of opinion is constructive! My friends thank you all!

And then it was the readers, the small comments – doesn’t matter the bad ones, I thought calling me a Euro-Arab, fascist, communist or CIA puppet was rather funny and I often use them as anecdotes – comments often encouraging, supportive, helping, understanding! Through these comments we had the chance to meet and even though using mails, befriend some of them. Thank you all very much!

To celebrate our three years and after a break of nearly a year we return with a new monthly issue, and we thought this is the best way to celebrate. What is left …join us at our round table, talk about Ovi magazine, participate and express yourselves!

Thank you all for these wonderful three years

Thanos Kalamidas

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bohdan (by)2007-12-20 19:01:11
Asa and Thanos:

No, we thank YOU for "these wonderful three years".

And the hope for many more...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year(s).

bohdan (by)2007-12-20 19:09:26
Asa and Thanos:

No, we thank YOU for "these wonderful three years".

And the hope for many more...

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year(s).

Eva2007-12-21 02:38:39
*raising the glass together with bohdan*

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