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Strip poker Strip poker
by Alexander Mikhaylov
2008-01-25 09:32:18
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I was fifteen years old at that time
Studying at trade school, skipping it often when
Two of my buddies came over to my place
It was a quiet afternoon, one of those I normally choose to stay at home

‘Listen guys, let’s buy some booze,’ – I said
‘I’ve got some money, how ‘bout you?’
We counted our cash. There was plenty so we headed to
The nearest liquor store. It was a dingy place
Winos’ favorite hangout and no one minded our trade school uniform.
We got back to my room, opened the bottle, had a few drinks then
One of these two guys (we all called him Humpy) said
‘You know, all this booze makes me
Horny! Jesus Christ! I’m ready to fuck a cow! How ‘bout you?’
We agreed. We all felt the same and all of us were virgins back then.
‘How ‘bout playing some strip poker at least?’- Humpy said
I agreed and the third guy, Vlad agreed too, but seemed a bit reluctant.
In any case
We started playing
It wasn’t my lucky day and
It wasn’t Vlad’s lucky day either.
Soon both of us were sitting there in our tiny boys’ briefs;
This bastard Humpy remained fully dressed,
Making fun of us two:
‘Hey, look at you guys! You seem to be aroused! Look up your brief’s fronts!’
I glanced at mine and I saw that its fabric
Was getting stretched too much and so was Vlad’s.
‘Jesus! You guys are perverts! What are we gonna do if any of you would loose
The next round?’
‘Take our briefs off, ‘– I said.
‘That’s not much fun,’ –Humpy said
‘How about doing it up one’s ass instead? I’ve heard it feels good,’ – He ventured.
We discussed the possibility, then decided to
Give it a try.
I turned out to be luckier than Vlad who lost.
I guess we all were pretty drunk and
None of us gave a damn.
Vlad took off his briefs and stood on all four while
Humpy approached him from behind and started
Poking his dick against Vlad’s crack.
He did it for a while then got tired and roared:
‘Shit! And that’s what they call FUN! I don’t feel a thing!’
‘That’s because they’re perverts, see?’ – I said, -
‘They indulge themselves in all kinds of shit that you can’t even get.’
‘I can see it now! Always said that I hate them fags! I knew that all they’re doing is nothing but shit,’ – Humpy said.
‘All right, let’s kill this bottle then, ‘- I said.
We killed the second bottle and hurled it under my bed.
Vlad went to a bathroom. I heard him
Puking and retching there. He was the skinniest one of us all and
He couldn’t really hold it down. The jerk was like a fountain of puke:
While I dragged him back to my room
He even managed to plant a splash of it right on the wallpaper in my hall.
You’ve got to take him to the bus stop, otherwise he’ll get in trouble, ‘– I said.
‘I sure will, ‘– Humpy said,
‘I’m the strongest one among you cocksuckers. ‘
An hour later, I saw them out,
Returned to my room and fell asleep.
My mother came home around seven pm.
‘How was your school day?’ – She asked me while
Glancing suspiciously on wet patches
On the hall wall and sniffing the air
‘Well, just the usual,’- I said.
We didn’t talk much for the rest of the evening.

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