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Ovi's hat-trick
by Asa Butcher
2007-12-20 08:37:04
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Where were you on December 20th 2004? What were you doing? Who were you with? Should you have been with that person? Do you still keep in contact with them? Is it any of my business? I can answer each of those questions because it was the day Ovi Magazine emerged from the womb of Thanos and my mind and made its way kicking and screaming on to the Internet. Yes it involved some relaxation exercises, Thanos wanted an epidural and I was inhaling oxygen, but on that day 1,095 days ago we launched Ovi Magazine as our breathing online portfolio.

I don't know how many times in the history of Ovi I have written these editorials and it feels like yesterday I wrote about the one-year anniversary of going daily, yet here I am again helplessly recognising the passage of another year in the life of this magazine. Three years of hard work, three years of meeting new creative people, each of whom share this passion for contributing to our online magazine and it never fails to cheer me up whenever another new contributor agrees to work voluntarily for us.

Ovi has never been about earning money - to many people's confusion - it has always been about promoting the exchange of opinion, firing up debate and discussion, pushing the boundaries of our intellect and forcing us to read other people's varying opinions - and they are certainly varied! Ovi shares the creativity of artists, photographers, illustrators, writers, novelists, poets and cartoonists with an audience otherwise inaccessible. Like so many sites, we cross international borders and boundaries with our content and readership, in fact last month we reached 107 countries.

Every morning my first thoughts concern Ovi; do I need to make a cover, what articles has Thanos sent me during the night, who else has emailed me submissions, am I going to get it all online before my self-imposed daily deadline of 1000 (Finnish time)? Every day gives me something different to read, some new analysis of the world, some great turns of phrase, some brilliant ideas and the occasionally comedy typo - even I make mistakkes. I must also be one of the few people to have read each of the 2,500 articles ever submitted to Ovi, but don't ask me what they are all about.

One of the stranger aspects of Ovi has been working with so many different people whom I have never met. In our author database we have almost 150 names that have contributed to Ovi over the course of three years and I have personally met only 40 - that includes family and friends coerced into writing for Ovi. Two members of my close family, an uncle, former school friends at primary and secondary school, many college and university friends, although I have not yet managed to persuade my wife to write - she has appeared on a few Ovi covers though.

Three years… I still can't believe it. Well here we are still going strong, or should I say going from strength to strength. We have come along way since that first monthly issue in December 2004; we have also gained a little extra weight - the Ovi paunch - and learned a little more about life. I won't go on reminiscing and plodding on about the personal, so I shall leave you with this opportunity to see a screen shot of the first Ovi… Monkeys writing Hamlet, hahah!

Click here to see the screen shot

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-20 09:00:33
Happy Birthday Ovi.

Eva2007-12-21 02:24:02
You guys are great, and OVI is great - way to go! And I hope to meet you one day soon :-)

Alexandra Pereira2007-12-21 02:28:31
Thanks to the monkeys, the layout is better now :D Happy Third Birthday, and many more to come!

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