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"our precious soul"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-12-25 09:45:00
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spread your wings and feel your soul
as you soar above the countryside.
is it what you had expected?
have they cherished the gallant past

that fought with blood to set you free?
have they nurtured newborn branches
that increased the right to feel no needs,
except to dream of greater notions
and forge the stars of unseen sources?

spread your wings and sing your song
but they will not hear you anymore.
they no longer care about the needy
as you uncover the cries of untold sides.
they only listen to their own voices
selling out for coins and tokens.
forget the pages of those courageous,
there is no more desire for sacrifice,
our now great notion is to decline.

rush, to spread your wings and fly so high
as not to see this country's greed.
don't wait for night-time to escape this race,
so the people below can't see you go.
they won't take notice of your heart's loss
because they won't know the eagle's lore.
so soar away my precious soul
and don't come back until it's all been reborn,
those heroic stories from long ago.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-25 12:50:42
Juxtaposing Richard Rosen’s observation on the cover to the poem above, intimates to me the immortality of the gods, of the heroes, and of our souls unable to gain altitude in our spirit-less atmosphere and often sold for a miserable dish of lentils. When the gods and the heroes come back, so will the mytho-poetic with which our souls will soar high like eagles once again and observe the whole.

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