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Some immigrants dislike immigration Some immigrants dislike immigration
by Joseph Gatt
2007-12-16 09:46:04
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Putting the blame on immigrants has the consequence of seeing more and more immigrants oppose immigration. If they can’t beat people with hate speeches towards immigration, they’ll join them.

In France, the ultimate way to blame immigrants was found. Journalist Eric Zemmour has spread the rumor that immigrants contribute to inflation, therefore to lower salaries for workers. That way, people can find an economic reason to dislike immigrants. Immigrants live under pressure of being looked down on, have trouble finding jobs due to their names or the color of their skin, or sometimes because they live in a district with a majority of immigrants.

Had the immigrant been the only one, he might not have faced those difficulties. Finding a job is not the only one, hate speeches issued by society and isolation are other difficulties for immigrants.

More and more immigrants are encouraging people in their birth countries not to immigrate. They will find excuses not to let them come, and if they do come, they will not help them integrate their adoptive countries. There is no more solidarity between immigrants, nor between states and immigrants. Immigrants have become isolated like never before.

Media and politicians speech towards immigration makes more and more immigrants want to hide. Though they are often secular, they convert to their home country’s dominant religion to make people forget about their pagan past. They change their names to ones that sound more like local ones. They also adopt their home country’s language and accent, and support anti-immigration policies, in order to be more like native people.

They’re nothing wrong with that, except for the reason they do that. They often come from countries that have not offered them what their adoptive countries did, so they turn their back to anything related to their past. Yet despite all their efforts, people still see them as immigrants.

Immigrant have become people who take advantage of their adoptive country’s system. To many, they don’t deserve the treatment they get, don’t deserve to get a job other than jobs that native people don’t want no matter how qualified they are. That attitude towards immigrants makes them hate their fellow immigrants, and want their adoptive countries to put an end to immigration. That is because more immigrants means more competition and the risk of more generalization.

As a friend of mine told me: “I wish I were the only immigrant in this country. That way people would look at my diverse cultural background, and back in my country I’d be seen as a hero”. Perhaps countries with large immigration populations should look at the contributions that were made by immigrants, in times of economic prosperity and in times of war.

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Emanuel L. Paparella2007-12-16 10:50:33
As per recent studies and present demographic rates, the EU's economy will need 80 million new immigrants between now and the year 2015 (some 20% of the total population of the EU which is in serious decline).If that level is not reached the EU runs the risk of losing half of the share of the total global income which is presently 24%.

Those economic realities ought to be food for thought for all the xenophobes our there out to make fortress Europe. A modest suggestion: perhaps borders should be conceived organically as porous skin that divides the inside of an organism from the outside but permit it to live because it breathes through them.

Akli Hadid2007-12-16 11:43:04
Indeed Emanuel.
For more information on immigration in the EU see my article published in Newropeans Magazine: http://www.newropeans-magazine.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=5924&Itemid=85

Emanuel Paparella2007-12-16 13:01:59
I couldn't agree more Akli. Machiavellian paradigms of "real politik" have ill served Western Civilization in the last 400 years. And so having made the EU the true European remains to be made. I remain convinced that the EU will be true to its ideals (which did not spring ex nihilo)and its heritage when it manages to become not only a hyper-nation of nations but a nation of immigrants respectfull of the inalienable rights of all its inhabitants, citizens and non EU citizens. When it grasps the difference between assimilation and integration and for integration to occurr more than a common bank or soccer games will be needed to swear allegiance to. Unity in diversity is not an easy achievement but it is indespensable for the survival of the planet.

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