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2007 Terrorism World Championship 2007 Terrorism World Championship
by Joseph Gatt
2007-12-31 09:38:27
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Qualified Teams: Afghanistan, Colombia, the European Union, India, Iraq, Israel, the Maghreb, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The terrorism world championship takes into account the number of terrorism-related civilian deaths around the world. Countries will be ranked by number of casualties. The country with most casualties is declared the 2007 World Terrorism Champion.

Iraq and Afghanistan were the hot favorites to win the competition, yet Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India were serious contenders. Once champions, the Maghreb were outsiders in the competition this year, yet could be the surprise package of the championship. The European Union and Israel, with excellent defensive skills, are predicted to finish last.

Afghanistan and Iraq went off through a strong start with attacks causing hundreds of deaths thought January and February. Iraq took an almost unassailable lead when on February 3rd, a truck bombing killed 135 in Iraq. Pakistan and India also got off to strong starts when a suicide bomber in Peshawar killed 15 and two bombs in an Indian train killed 68 in February.

March and April saw teams such as Colombia and the Maghreb enter the competition with three attacks killing 20 people in Colombia and an incredible 7 suicide bombs killed 34 people in the Maghreb. However, Iraq and Afghanistan comforted their lead as one translator was killed and several were held hostage in Afghanistan and nearly 300 people were killed in several attacks perpetrated in Iraq.

Throughout May and June, all teams showed strong defensive skills yet attacks were perpetrated. Though the number of attacks in Afghanistan was declining, it held on to its second spot. Iraq’s lead grew as car bombs and suicide bombings killed 85. Israel had strong defensive skills, as it faced rocket attacks which caused no casualties. One was killed and several others were injured. Colombia proved to be the tournament’s surprise package as bombs killed 19.

Iraq, Pakistan and India went strong during summer. In July and August, the Qahtaniya bombings killed 500 people in Iraq. 44 were killed in the Hyderabad bombings in India, and 150 were killed in several incidents related to the Army’s assault on the Red Mosque in Pakistan. Afghanistan distinguished itself by taking innocent Korean workers hostage, killing two of them and by bombings causing hundreds of deaths throughout the month of August.

Violence continued in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, which by September and October, were undoubtedly going to finish in the top four positions in the competition. Though Iraq was almost sure to win the competition, second place would be hard fought for. Attacks were also perpetrated in Israel, whose defensive skills were stronger than ever, and speaking of defense, several people were arrested in the European Union.

Though the Maghreb had long been outsiders, they came back into the game with a terrorist attack in Algeria in December. November and December were very bloody months, as the top four countries battled for the title. Pakistan had a slow finish, however, Iraq, Afghanistan and India all had attacks that killed hundreds of people in total.

With a few days left in the competition, here are the standings:



Civilian casualties




















Sri Lanka






European Union


Hot favorites Iraq claimed the championship. Pakistan and Afghnistan came a distant 2nd and 3rd respectively. Next year promises a sad competition, in which contenders such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan might prove to be bloody. At this time of the year, we can only wish that all countries can claim the EU’s results, and improve their defense skills. Peace on earth.

Years ago I used to think it was possible for a novelist to alter the inner life of the culture. Now bomb-makers and gunman have taken that territory. They make raids on human consciousness. What writers used to do before we were all incorporated.” Don Delillo.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-31 14:23:30
The Romans were so good at “defense skills” that they kept the “peace” for a thousand years by making the Empire a fortress of sort. The place where there is most peace is the cemetery, or the desert. The historian Tacitus had it on target: they make a desert and call it peace.

Moreover, as Derrida aptly put it, the trouble with celebrating and commemorating our monstrosities and even awarding Olympic gold medals to them, is that after a while those monstrosities become our pets and we give up in despair as Don De Lillo seems to have done.

Jack2008-01-01 07:36:36
I appreciate you making this public knowledge. Nations need to know and be held accountable for terrorism that occurs or is bred within their sovereignty. The E. U. should be proud of their lack of terrorist''s victims.

Terrorism happens on a smaller scale as well, like in homes and most often with women. Men are sometimes affected. It is like a personal terrorism, that one can not escape.

Warning signs:

Monitors what you''re doing all the time.

Criticizes you for little things.

Constantly accuses you of being unfaithful.

Prevents or discourages you from seeing friends or family, or going to work or school.

Gets angry when drinking alcohol or using drugs.

Controls how you spend your money and time.

Controls your use of needed medicines.

Humiliates you in front of others.

Destroys your property or things that you care about.

Threatens to hurt you, the children, self or pets.

Does hurt you (by hitting, beating, pushing, shoving, punching, slapping, kicking, or biting).

Uses or threatens to use a weapon against you.

Forces you to have sex against your will.

Blames you for his or her violent outbursts.

This is not national or internation terrorism but localized yet world-wide-terrorism. Only on a micro-scale.

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