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The future you give
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-12-15 09:59:43
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So, who is going to tell the Zimbabwe people that Mugabe is going to stay there, as a dictator for life? Who is going to tell them and what excuse are they going to use when Mugabe’s terrorising regime will continue threatening, torturing, imprisoning and killing at will anybody who is even thinking anything against Mugabe that he is going to stay there? The man was invited in our house for tea and scones! And he was welcome. The person non grata anywhere in the world came to witness our democratic future to talk about future relations between EU and Africa and he was welcome and he had an opinion. So who is going to tell the Zimbabwe people?

Please tell me it was the spirit of Christmas Past that persuaded Barroso to invite this monster into our home, that he dared invite this Halloween monster for dinner – Mugabe combines something unique, the ruthless dictator, the killer vampire and the stupid clown; because I cannot find another explanation for such a moronic act. Mr. Barroso is responsible for giving an alibi to this monster to continue his crimes against humanity; it's not just Zimbabwe any more.

You see, days after joining the party and having a jolly good time, only the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown partly saved our dignity by refusing to appear in the party; Zimbabwe’s governing party decided that Robert Mugabe will be their candidate for the next year’s presidential elections. The man has been torturing, killing and destroying one of the African nations since 1980.

Of course, the next natural question is what the African democratic countries will do about it. What South Africa is doing, the country that hosts huge numbers of Zimbabweans, refugees trying to escape the monster. South Africa that has heard thousands and thousands of witnesses documenting tortures, killings, rapes; the reality of today’s Zimbabwe. What is the democratic president of South Africa Thabo Mbeki doing? He salutes the EU’s action to invite Mugabe because Zimbabwe’s representative should be part of the talks for the future of Africa. Is Mugabe the future you wanted Mr. Mbeki? Is his direction you are going? My question is natural if you say things like that about a dictator. If we had invited Hitler for dinner what would make us be different from him?

If Barroso acted stupidly and naively he’s going to pay for that, thankfully there is the European Parliament and the EMPs will remind him when the time comes, but the African leaders are guilty. Europe might give him an alibi but Africa gave him the excuse to continue killing, torturing and raping. Of course I’m not expecting anything from the new UN General Secretary, the man is a master of screw-ups and cover-ups and in one year he has done so much damage to the UN that it will take time to recover, Ki-Moon Is sleeping in a soft sofa after dinners with champagne while kids are dying in Darfur, but he was the first UN secretary to see Antarctica, do you think he cares for the people dying in Zimbabwe?

What is left for these people? Escape, escape from the cage with the lions and I’m sorry to say, you Mr. Barroso and you Mr. Mbeki shown them the way. Escape, escape from the cage with the lions and I’m sorry to say, you Mr. Barroso and you Mr. Mbeki shown them the way, you led them there and you’d better find a way to deal with the increasing numbers of Zimbabwe refugees in the next few years. Zimbabwe in the near future will be habituated only from Mugabe’s clones in every sense. That’s the future of Africa.

I don’t know what future you were dreaming about Africa Mr. Mbeki, but Mugabe is the future you give. And I’m not what you are thinking about your future Mr. Barroso but I suggest starting saving money. Regarding Zimbabwe people the only thing I can do is apologize for the betrayal. Not all Europe is like Mr. Barroso and fortunately for us history remembers and his legacy will remind him!

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-15 12:58:22
Indeed, when in Europe I have at times been confronted by a raised finger with the comment: "...you Americans." To which the only proper response is "Which Americans?" Pari passu, to the comment "you Europeans" the only proper rejoinder is "which Europeans?" Indeed, one's loyalties cannot be to mere men and, I dare say, not even to universal ideals grounded in nothing more than mere political power. The grounding has to transcend political and idealogical powers with all due respect to Machiavelli and Nietzsche.

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