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by Bohdan Yuri
2007-12-13 10:31:12
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they sacrificed for it,
they died for it,

when we have it
we never know
what to do with it.

find new ways
to destroy it
and blame another
when it's gone.

in many ways,
in many times,
we had found it
and when we did
we taught ourselves
how to lose it,

once more.

yes, we have learned
to die for it...

...we have not learned
to cherish it.
so we can't
live with it
for very long.

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Sand2007-12-13 12:58:18
I still like the phrase "Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose" popularized by Kris Kristofferson in "Me and Bobby Mcgee"

Emanuel Paparella2007-12-13 15:56:54
Erick Fromm wrote a book titled Escape from Freedom. Worth reading and juxtaposing to the fine poem above.

Chris2007-12-14 02:41:23
Freedom is never really lost -- it is naturally with us. We lose sight of it, and live in the prison of our own device. Seems like once we ground our freedom in a past glory or a future hope we loose the fresh baked freedom that is with us all along. Rather than crying for freedom lost or hoping for some future freedom, might be a good idea to look around -- the vision of the present is free and, like a wooden ship, easy.

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