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Afghanistan towards a better future Afghanistan towards a better future
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2007-12-09 09:56:32
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A better future is what every nation dreams for. Afghanistan and Afghans, ruined by all that one after another and long time invasions and wars and living in the age of suicide attacks, need these sweet dreams more than any country.

An opinion poll commissioned by BBC says that most Afghans are hopeful about their future, support the current government and the presence of foreign troops and oppose the Taliban.

‘The government has constructed a few road networks, which are quite significant for the economy of Afghanistan. A journey from the border with Pakistan to Kabul now takes only three hours, compared with seven or eight in the past’ said Jamshed Aryan from Baghlan province in the poll.

It is not only constructing, the country is quite developed in all the sectors despite strict resistance and terrorizing from the militants. May be every road, wall and room is constructed twice or thrice as the militants always try to destroy every standing wall and constructed road through bomb blasts or rocket attacks to terrorize the people and prevent development.

If we compare the situation now to six years back, we have to say that there was more development than expected. There are now roads to every city of all provinces, schools and clinics that burnt by the militants are built twice and thrice, new buildings erected tall and high everywhere, electricity in half of the country, children going to schools and young folks to colleges, there are opportunities for skilled people and mobile phones are available even in the remote areas.

The parliament, the judiciary, the constitution, the police, and the army is getting more popular, independent, stable, strong and the media and freedom of expression is twice better than neighboring countries. There are now TV channels, newspapers and news agencies which were not even thought of six years ago. The violations against human rights are lesser now.

Security is the only problem that worries people. The militants grab any chance they can for terrorizing people by beheading, abducting, killing, attacking and destroying. ‘If the Taliban are defeated for good, this country will be a much better place to live’ added Jamshed Aryan of Baghlan in BBC opinion poll.

Yes, if the militants were defeated, and there were no any barriers in the way of construction and development, the country’s economy will rise to the highest level in the shortest time and people will start work without any fear which will enable the country to get economically and politically stable. Some evil forces in the neighboring countries don’t want this. That is why they finance and train the terrorists and send them to Afghanistan to block the developments and destabilize the country.

The country and its young anti-war generation is working hard to foil the evil plans of the enemies of Afghanistan and lead the country to a better and bright future.

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