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It's a Christmas Party!
by Richard Berman
2007-12-06 10:32:06
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Do you have plans tonight? Can you get to Helsinki? If the answers are both yes, then run a comb through your hair, throw on your favourite outfit and slip into your winter party shoes and join in tonight's Christmas Party/Pub Quiz hosted by IESAF at Angleterre Pub. Forget the President's Independence Day Ball on television and celebrate Finland's 90th birthday with us – we're not all bad.

The Christmas Party begins at 1800 (6:00pm) with the Pub Quiz scheduled to start at around 1900 (7:00pm), so come on down and meet some new people – everybody is invited.

The winners of this month's pub quiz will be awarded the Grand Prize of 100€ Behnford's gift vouchers.

If you don't have a team, then you can join one when you arrive, and if you are bringing a team then remember teams should have a maximum of five people, less is allowed.

There will be double-decker sandwiches, nachos and dips at a cost of 7€ per person, payment to be collected on the night, and we will have some great Christmas music. In addition, Celticpastry.com has kindly provided some cakes for everybody to sample.

During the evening a Christmas Raffle will be held, which features a number of prizes including a 20€ IKEA voucher, a 20€ Gift Card from Behnford's, Fiskars scissor sets, a Jameson Hip Flask, a voucher for Viking Line cruise to Stockholm and many more – raffle tickets are priced at 2€ each.

See you tonight and don't forget your Christmas hat!

Richard and the IESAF team

* * * * * * * * * *

Christmas Party/Pub Quiz
Thursday 6th December 2007
Angelterre Pub, Fredrikinkatu 47, Helsinki
Close to Kamppi metro station and within walking distance from city centre

If you can't attend, but want to participate in the Raffle you can buy tickets from:

Bank account: 125730-521460
Reference/Viite: 1083 (please use it will save us money)
IBAN: FI5512573000521460


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Asa2007-12-07 09:12:36
Thanks to everybody who turned up and readers of Ovi will be happy to know that the Ovi Bad Boys team won the quiz by a point!

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