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"a cagey system"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-12-04 09:44:08
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she walks so fine
in her good old time,
there isn't a single favor
that she can't deliver
to any eager player
in her cagey favor system.

place a dime on any old line,
add another dollar
for an even sweeter time;
easy ways to survive
when another reborn winner
to this fine paying system..

Only this time ...

let's add another nine lives,
and why not scream and holler,
until it's all dead and gone;
no chance remains a fatal sin
if one can beat this lying system.

... put it all on the line,
she'll get you there every time
and any day is just fine
for lady luck to change
this awful losing system

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Emanuel Paparella2007-12-04 10:44:18
"Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history." - Plato, 'Ion'

Yes, but there is another statement by Plato which seems to flatly contradict the above as it appears on today’s Ovi cover and it is this:

“At all events we are well aware that poetry being such as we have described in not to be regarded seriously as attaining to the truth; and he who listens to her, fearing for the safety of the city which is within him, should be on his guard against her seductions and make our words his law.” –Plato, “The Republic,” book X.

Given that in rational Aristotelian logic a thing cannot be and not be at the same time, the rationalist will be stymied by the two statements and even consider it a Gordian knot of sort.. There is however a simple solution to the conundrum and it is the word history. Plato did not believe that history and its particularities led to truth and in fact considered myth and poetry superior to it, just as he considered philosophy and it universalities and transcendentals superior to poetry. We need to wait for a modern philosopher, Giambattista Vico in the 18th century, to show how philosophy can be poetical and how the two can be held together fruitfully thus saving us from pure rationalism.

Angela2007-12-04 17:34:20
Sophia and Persephonie
Had tea with Minerva
To discuss Hermes and Pandora.
Three Gargon stone faced angels
A Girl, a Mother, a Tramp,
Giggled at Angels cast as icons
While the wind blew
In yonder sky

Sand2007-12-08 20:51:53
Aristotle's face would mottle
And I wonder what'll
He make of light and photons
When they're particles, not waves
Or waves, not particles,
Most peculiar articles,
Being both and not.
Which makes his logic shot.
So he'd run to put his coat on
And speed to get a bottle.

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