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Brown saves us from total embarrassment
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-11-29 10:02:38
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No, that’s the only answer and nothing else in response to Mugabe’s visit to Europe and his participation in a summit for the future of EU-Africa relations. Mugabe has no place anywhere in Europe except the international court of Hague to answer for his crimes against human rights and humanity in general. People like Mugabe have no reason to put a foot in Europe and if he does it is the obligation of all the European nations to arrest him immediately.

As a European citizen I feel embarrassed that only the British Prime Minister had the strength till now to step out and say no to this dictator that dares to challenge democratic Europe by visiting Portugal for the EU-Africa summit and I feel doubly embarrassed from what President Baroso said that he will use this opportunity to raise the issue of human rights with Zimbabwe. Mr. Baroso you would never invite Hitler, why you do that with Mugabe, except if you would invite Hitler …then we both have made a mistake about democratic and defender of human rights Europe.

British Prime Minister Mr. Brown said that they will send someone to the talks but not him nor any of his ministers. I would suggest sending a policeman with an arrest warrant. And I would suggest for the rest of the European leaders to ask President Baroso and the countries of the presidency who gave them the right to invite this man into this summit. A country from being one of the richest nations in Africa has become a state of violence and murder, a nation with 85% under the level of poverty and over four million Zimbabweans escaping from Mugabe’s regime in southern Africa! A leader that is personally responsible for murder and torture is coming to Europe to talk about what? Freedom, democracy and respect?

The gathering in Portugal in December is seen as crucial in reviving Europe’s relations with Africa and I totally agree with that, and there are major issues to talk about like HIV AIDS, financial support, about the debts that kill the African economy and the depth of hunger. No, with Mugabe there this summit has become more crucial. With this dictator in the room questions about the ethics and the democratic understanding in Europe question how flexible our democratic beliefs are. Yes everybody has the right to speak and Mugabe definitely has the same rights, just as he has the right of a defence in the Hague court room. In his case there is not innocent before proven guilty, he is proven guilty and what is missing is the verdict.

In Harare this minute people are starving to death, people die and the one and only responsible is Mugabe, the same Mugabe who has raped the land, the same Mugabe who has killed all opposition, the same Mugabe who will come to Europe to talk about the future relations. I think Mr. Baroso is not serious with this or he lives on a different planet from the one we live. And in my eyes Mr. Baroso is equally guilty with Mugabe for covering up, giving him an alibi, letting him call himself a leader of a nation that dies and he is responsible.

I was not expecting to say that but Mr. Brown, the questionable British Prime Minister, did the right thing and fortunately saved the rest of us from total embarrassment. The only thing I wish he would take it a bit further and as I said above I wish instead of sending some civil servants to the summit he would send a policeman with an arrest warrant.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-29 12:18:51
The UN allowed Ugo Chavez to perform an act of exorcism at its general assembly, crossing and all. Columbia University allowed the president of Iran to spread his pearls of wisdom in its august academic halls, among which the revelation that there are no gays in Iran, and the Holocaust never happened. Now we will hear Mugabe tell us in Portugal that there is no hunger in his country and everybody is happy. How about bringing in the Chinese to explain their rationale for destroying the culture of Tibet? Rumi had it on target: “enlightened” rationalism usually ends up as a circus. Fellini, where are you when we need you the most?

Emanuel Paparella2007-11-29 12:41:48
P.S. I almost forgot: on December 6, 2007 there is a conference in Brussels titled: "Creative Rights and Cultural Diversity." Mr. Barroso will be one of the distinguished speakers on the subject, after he talks to Mugabe on the issue of human rights.

Thanos2007-11-29 22:34:12
Mr. Barroso's unfortunately has forgotten his own past when he was defending human rights. The only thing left is to hope that the rest of the European leaders haven;t forgot and they will follow Brown's example.

Emanuel Paparella2007-11-30 09:58:57
Indeed, the geniality of the founding fathers’ placing “In God we Trust” on the country’s currency was that all citizens, even the atheists among them (and probably there were some of those among the founding fathers), can be confident that their rights are not dependent on the memory or forgetfulness or good will of their leaders or on the political strenght of the State, as important as that is, but are inalienable, based on to the dignity of the human person and can therefore be claimed as such from forgetful leaders.

Alexandra Pereira2007-11-30 21:38:53
Only who hasn't known Barroso for a long while doesn't know how easy changing and "flexible" his opinions can be... Someone who changed from extreme left to right wing parties, and who could abandon his mandate as a prime minister in his own country to conveniently "run away" to european commission, from all the crap he had done (and was sinking him) home. There must be some dark business or interest hiding behind his will to chat with Mugabe. Portuguese politicians tend to have a bit of Mugabe, I'm sure he

Alexandra Pereira2007-11-30 21:40:09
will find some affinities.

Emanuel Paparella2007-12-01 00:09:07
Here is a letter of protest that supports your view of Mr. Barroso vis a vis Mugabe:

Dear Mr President,
UNI-Europa demands that President Robert Mugabe is not allowed to participate at the next EU/Africa summit

UNI-Europa, the European trade union federation for services and communication, is deeply concerned about the active anti-trade union and anti-democratic repression currently existing in Zimbabwe. Basic human rights are not respected; people in Zimbabwe are dying from hunger, poverty and total deprivation. The opposition leader, trade unionist Morgan Tsvangirai, has been repeatedly arrested and brutalised by the police. Trade unionist are victimised and can in no way defend basic workers’ rights.

UNI-Europa’s management committee met on 15th November 2007 and agreed that it is an outrage that President Robert Mugabe is invited to participate at the next EU/Africa summit in Lisbon on 8th and 9th December 2007. The invitation and his presence will give him a recognition, which, in the light of what is happening in Zimbabwe, should not enjoy. UNI-Europa therefore strongly urges you to put a stop to his participation.

Yours sincerely,

Bernadette Ségol
Regional Secretary

Thanos2007-12-01 07:51:17
Mr. Barroso's Mao past that he forgotten!!! I think the man has forgotten much more important things than his past, he has forgotten why he is where he is!

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