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Like an insurance salesman
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-11-27 09:12:00
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Would you ever expect a nation to have a party because an insurance salesman made a deal of 3000 euros a year? I imagine not, I doubt if the insurance company would make a party with an insurance contract like that. They might have if it was a contract of 30,000 euros a year and definitely if it was for 3 million euros a year. Furthermore, when a sale like that comes they usually congratulate the salesmen and not the president of the company, well in Mr. Sarkozy’s case his P.R. responsible spun a deal between the Chinese government and Airbus for 10bn euros as though he was there for months negotiating and sweating over pennies.

Oh, I also forgot that the best French salesmen agreed a deal between the state-owned French energy team Areva and the Chinese state to build two nuclear reactors and the way they spun the whole thing around makes you wonder, what’s Sarkozy’s percent?

Fine, I might have been exaggerating in the beginning but at the same time a deal of 160 Airbus passenger planes worth nearly 10bn euros is not exactly the sale of the year, most likely it makes the managers of Airbus feel safer now that they are going to meet their targets and regarding the state-owned Areva the work will finish sometime in the end of 2014 - in the meantime, with such a high demand for energy from all around the world, it is more than likely the very same company will have a few more better deals on the table without the help of the French president!

Mr. Sarkozy must be suffering from temporary amnesia otherwise I cannot excuse how he forgot human rights and child labour issues that he has often mentioned in the past when referring to China. He forgot his critics over the death sentence and now we found out what exactly is that thing the doctors call selective memory. Before I forget the tabloids also showed selective memory when it comes to Sarkozy, since it doesn’t matter if the future of the workers looks like a lotto and it doesn’t matter if the unions, one after the other, are planning strikes because the thing that spins it all around is whether Sarkozy loves the reporter or the lady more.

Tibet? Where is that? Iran, nuclear weapons? I think I have heard those before! Mr. Sarkozy, day after day, reminds me more and more of another laughing-stock of European politics and, unfortunately before Sarkozy was elected president, I wrote something similar in one of my earlier articles. Mr. Sarkozy is the natural heir of Berlusconi in European politics and just like Berlusconi when the whole of Italy was on strike he was sending love-letters to his wife, publishing them in all the national newspapers. He is the man that made the poor poorer and the rich richer while he was having hair transplants and leaving all of Italy to wonder whether plastic surgery was his next serious move or not!

The socialist opposition are still trying to find their lost identity, a long lost identity. They lost it over ten years ago and still they don’t want to find it because there is no other explanation for their behaviour. Only a few months ago the socialist party in France asked members and friends to help them to elect the leader that would lead them to the elections opposing a predictable Sarkozy. They lost. However, they also lost dignity when, instead of apologizing to the people who voted for them, they started new circles around their egos bringing a sense that they ignore the needs of the people they represent and naturally gave plenty of space to Mr. Sarkozy to lead the circus.

I’m sorry if I sound angry but the truth about this journey to China and the Berlusconi style behaviour reminds more of a circus than anything else, while the socialist opposition - I’m not sure if it is intentional or not – plays a large part in this show. Mr. Sarkozy is no different now to what he had shown before the elections, he’s no different to what he had shown before his candidacy and much before when he was pushing himself as the new hope in the conservative party. Mr. Sarkozy was predictable and all he’s doing was there for anybody to see it. There is no surprise that his personal life has become first item in the tabloids; the question is what the socialist party are doing about all this.

The man is waving a contract for 10bn euros from China as if he were an insurance salesman and the opposition is thinking if it is to send him thank you flowers or not. The only future Mr. Sarkozy can give is the one of the unemployed youth and the insecure old leaving the socialist party wonder what to do, if that is possible. Perhaps they should bring their personal lives into the tabloids! Oops! They have already done that as well!

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