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Africa's psychopath
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-11-21 09:45:53
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The man is definitely a joke and even though there are a few jokes going around in the international political scene at the moment; here I’m talking about the worst of them, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe!

In most countries and in most societies there are psychotic people and even though a cure is very difficult there is treatment and of course hospitalization. Last century and I think till the middle of the 20th century they often used electroshock in such psychotic cases but nowadays psychiatrics have really move in front and there is the right medication. Most societies look at these people with a sympathetic eye feeling sorry for their situation and often excuse their uncontrollable actions. But here we talk about the crazy man of the village, the one who goes around the streets screaming and making the kids laugh, the one who thinks that the boogie man is just round the corner and the one who has often inspired poets and authors. The crazy fool!

Unfortunately for the Zimbabwe people, the leader of their country and ruler of 13 million is one such psychotic and instead of being hospitalized, receiving electroshock, in a straitjacket or under strong medication he is the president of the republic. That’s where the joke stops being for laughs and it becomes a drama. Actually before I noted that Mugabe is the ruler of 13 million and I was just wondering how many will be left of those when the dictator will have finished with the country.

But back to the psychopath, the Zimbabwean government and the president himself accused the UK for plotting an invasion and considering assassinations of the country’s political leaderships, call me Mugabe!!! Doesn’t that reminds you even a little of Idi Amin? The psychopath president of Zimbabwe added through his spokesman that he’s remaining ready to defend himself and his country from …sinister threats!!! Oh man, he is dangerous crazy!

Well where there is smoke there is some kind of fire as well, everything started with an interview for a British newspaper where Lord Guthrie was describing talks with the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair where they were looking for way to help the Zimbabwe people. Of course military force has been one of the options. Robert Mugabe has constantly violated any sense of human rights in Zimbabwe and he is responsible personally for hundreds if not thousands of deaths.

Due to his dictatorial attitude, Zimbabwe has been under sanctions from UN and EU but in the end the only ones who suffer in the country with the 3,000% inflation are the Zimbabwe people and not their psychopath dictator. The same way as Lord Guthrie any attempt for military interference will turn against the people of Zimbabwe before get to Mugabe and that’s the reason he was against it.

When Lord Guthrie was talking about it and bringing the example of so tense conversations he obviously wanted to show how much everybody is worrying with what is going on in this poor African country and the responsibility of the international community to give an end to this drama. Of course that turned to a threat for a psychopath like Mugabe and nobody knows how far he is going to take these …sinister threats and if using this chance he will discover more conspiracies and better chances to shot people.

Robert Mugabe’s regime and dark era for Zimbabwe must take an end and the sooner possible otherwise after some time there will be less than 13 million souls living in this beautiful African country.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-21 11:16:10
The BBC reported yesterday the death of Ian Smith and pointed out that some in Zimbabwe, both Blacks and Whites, are beginning to look back at his regime with a tinge of nostalgia. I suppose purgatory always normal in hell. The harder thing by far is the ascend. The descend into chaos and destruction is relatively easy.

Coalbanks2007-11-23 05:58:13
Just because he'd psycho it does not mean that someone in a foreign gov't isn't planning to kill him.

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