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Finn Brits Ahoy!
by Asa Butcher
2007-11-18 10:11:11
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Murder, mystery, a flower and real steel await you in the Finn Brit Player's autumn production of The Mourning Primrose, which continues tonight. If you want to escape the gloom of Helsinki's early winter, then join the Ovi team as they seek out an evening of 17th century English explorers on a voyage of discovery in the Caribbean… well, the theatre is in Tikkurila, but even we can suspend our disbelief.

The Finn-Brit Players is a Helsinki-based amateur drama society whose origins date back to the early 1950s. Since becoming active again in 1981, they have staged over thirty productions, including musicals, murder mysteries, classics, comedies, Shakespeare, children’s entertainment and drama.

The Mourning Primrose is written and directed by Zoë Chandler, a regular on the Finn-Brit Players scene, and she personally invites you to join the cast and crew on this four performance voyage of exploration. There is an added incentive in this production following the involvement of Guy Windsor from the School of European Swordsmanship, who has choreographed the sword fighting scenes, which brings the authentic metallic sound of steel on steel in the battles.

The cast includes Jonathan Hutchings as Captain Scarisbrick, Angie Hämälainen as Valencia Huerta Oquendo, Steve Porter as Hugh Brunswood and Irina Mikkola as Anacoana, as well as Bruno Duréault, Fredrika Fellman, Kaisla Kajava, Jack Leo, Perttu Lipsanen, Lari Noresvuo, Fabien Rapin, Ramona Teinilä and Oana Velcu. The Mourning Primrose can also boast of original music written by Matthew Wooller and costumes made by director Zoë Chandler and Joan Nordlund.

The first show is tonight (Friday November 16th) at 1900, two more follow tomorrow (Saturday November 17th) at 1430 and 1900 and its final show is on Sunday November 18th at 1430.

Tickets are 8€ (5€ concessions, groups of 10 or more) and they are still available from online or on the door, so don't miss out. The performances are held in Tikkurila's Vernissa Hall (Tikkurilantie 36 - (opposite the Tikkurila railway station) and a map to the theatre can be found here.

As for us, well Thanos and I will be attending the premiere tonight, so we hope to see you there, but don't expect to see us in the front row with all that real steel swishing about – Thanos isn't ready for another haircut so soon.


Saturday November 17th at 1430 and 1900

Sunday November 18th at 1430

Tickets 8€ (5€ concessions, groups of 10 or more)

Vernissa Hall, Tikkurilantie 36, Tikkurila, Vantaa


Click here to watch their tongue-in-cheek trailer

Click here to hear Zoë Chandler on the Ovi Bad Boys Radio Show

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