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Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
by Rohingya Human Rights
2007-11-07 10:24:29
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Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Members of the United Nations,

As you are well aware, the country Burma is presently in the midst of a severe political and humanitarian crisis that desperately needs immediate international attention and intervention. The international community must take a stand against the Burma's regime.

We are writing to you with an urgent appeal to take strong actions including political and economic sanctions along with humanitarian aid, to resolve the political crisis in Burma. In order for economic sanctions to be effective they must be imposed by a coalition of nations from around the world including China, India and Russia.

It is imperative, not only for the well-being and stability of that nation, but also for the world as a whole, that the international community make every effort to restrain the forces of violence and take all appropriate measures to uphold the internationally recognized rights to peaceful assembly, freedom of expression and the exercise of human conscience.

In making this appeal, Burma Democracy Network (BDN) wishes to make clear that the issue facing humanity is not a question of taking sides in a country's internal dispute. It is a question of how we, as people everywhere, learn to resolve our differences and disputes. We stand at a crossroads in history: we can either choose the nightmare of violence or take upon ourselves the challenge of peace. It is vital that the world's primary international forum, the United Nations, give a clear signal that the way forward for humanity and our planet must be the choice of peace.

It is clear that the Burma's regime is incapable and unwilling to begin a transition to democracy. The regime's sheer contempt for world opinion is appalling. It is inconceivable that the regime can violently suppress the democracy movement in Burma and incarcerate Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel laureate and democratic leader. Such brutal acts may cause the utter-devastation of the pro-democracy movement which would result continued oppression of the people of Burma at the hands of this unelected Military Junta that is a world renowned human rights abuser and killing the Burmese people, monks, and the ethnics Karens, Rohingyas and Shans, creation of over 3 million refugees, displacement of millions internally in Burma, tolerance of the production and trafficking of illegal narcotics, and indifference to the transmission of HIV/AIDS from Burma to other parts of Asia, all pose a legitimate threat to international peace and security.

Burma is home to the world's longest-running war. The regime has been engaged in protracted war, close to 60 years, against the ethnics Karens, Shans, Rohingyas and the regime has been targeting unarmed civilian communities. These include torture, extrajudicial executions, and forcible relocation, land confiscation, requirement to take part in unpaid forced labor and military portering, and the forcible recruitment of children to the military. We ask you particularly to consider the immediate situation of ethnic minority civilians in eastern and western Burma who are currently facing massive regime attacks. We urge you to support a resolution from the UN Security Council that should, among other things, call for an end to attacks on these civilians, and unfettered access for humanitarian aid.

While the regime claims that any interference in their internal affairs would derail the country's planned transition to democracy, there have been minimal signs of progress. The regime claims to be enacting a program of democratization, the so called 7-step road map to build a "modern, democratic, prosperous state", but events, such as the continued imprisonment of Aung San Suu Kyi, testify otherwise. The political crisis in Burma is not today's only hot issue, and that there are many and varied dangers in the world. But inconsistent international positions lead to a growth in the ambition of other dictatorial or semi-dictatorial regimes, and with it a sense of impunity. Therefore, we call on the international community led by the United Nations Security Council to pay due attention to the political crisis in Burma and reach agreement on the condemnation and isolation of military dictatorship, and to adopt an accommodating approach to the victims of its persecution.

The previous annulling of the results of the 1990 elections, of which the National League for Democracy (NLD) was clear winner, was – by breaching common international rules carried out without regard to cultural or spiritual resources or historical experience. At the same time we are sorry to observe that international institutions involved in practical politics continue not to advance sufficiently those ideals from which often with great pathos they derive and their own existence. It is not possible, for instance, to yield again and again to economic interests without regard to human rights and freedoms, or to accept claims that interfering in internal affairs is unacceptable. In a globalised world, such an approach holds up less than at any time in the past.

We believe the right time has come for the United Nations to take concrete actions for the realization of peaceful settlement for all peoples in Burma. International solidarity campaigns have helped bring peace, stability and democracy to such place as South Africa, Cyprus, Lebanon, Kuwait, East Timor, Cambodia, Sierra Leone and many others. Therefore, we would like to see the same strong actions implemented for the people of Burma who have bravely suffered alone from over forty-five years of Military Rule.

It is the responsibility of the international community to use every instrument in its power to protect the safety and livelihoods of all citizens of the globe and to ensure that all people are able to live under the blanket of peace, freedom and prosperity. We feel that the United Nations is the most appropriate and effective channel to bring justice to Burma.

Therefore, we urge you to bring Burma's grave political crisis to the attention of the United Nations Security Council in order to immediately assert UN political intervention and to release Aung San Suu Kyi including all the political prisoners of conscience and to initiate a credible and inclusive political process.

Please don't allow any governments to bully or bribe you. Stand strong and work for a democratic and peaceful resolution to this conflict. We look forward to a response to this email and immediate action to help resolve the political crisis in Burma.

Respectfully yours,

Rafi Zaw Win
Director, Head of the Burma Democracy Network




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Emanuel Paparella2007-11-07 13:33:11
All politic is local, Mr. Dwatt. You may get a response to your e-mail from Ban Ki-moon and it will probably be a form letter signed by a machine, and little else I am afraid, judging from what the UN has done so far on Burma. It may be wiser to write to the corageous monks who put their lives on the line and gave the lie to those who go around saying that "religion is poison."

Maung Thin2007-11-09 07:31:49
Dear Mr. Rafi Dwatt,

Thanks very much for your intelligence and strong appeal to the UNSC. Hope for a good outcome. Regards,
Maung Thin

Saw Win2007-11-09 07:58:06
Dear Mr. Rafi Dwatt:
Head of the Burma Democracy Network,

It is really nice to see that you have been making great efforts on Burma and your recent appeal to Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of United Nations is absolutely realistic and informative.

God Bless You!
Saw Win

Nicholl2007-11-09 10:32:47
Back in 2003, it was "let the United Nations continue its work in Iraq" instead of the allies enforcing a UN resolution that the UN itself was too weak to enforce. After the holocaust of the 1940's, everyone said "never again", but attempted genocides happened in Rwanda, Serbia, and Sudan while the UN did nearly nothing. Iran get away with threatening to wipe Israel off the map and Iran is still a member of the UN. Now the Burma mess. Does anyone still really believe the United Nations is the savior of the world?
- Nicholl, Manchester

Maung Lay2007-11-09 10:53:40

Dear Mr. Rafi Dwatt, Director and Head of the Burma Democracy Network, I really appreciate your appeal to the UN and its members regarding Burma. The UN is completely inert and does nothing but cause more harm then good. The fact that it took this "body for the promotion of peace and harmony in the world" near a month to condemn the actions in Burma is so shameful its almost humorous.

People are dying in the name of democracy and the UN does nothing but send an Emergency Envoy to "negociate" with the leaders (a meeting which didnt happen until over a week after the envoy arrived). I guess the UN showed its true colors and who it is made up of; dictators, oligarchs, demigods, rapists, murders, and leaders of countries who are nothing more then highway bandits. Good job giving this body some voice of authority when it comes to a moral high ground.

Maung Lay

Boh2007-11-09 11:08:39
We,in the free world just could not understand how the people of Myanmar (Burma) is suffering under the military junta's rule of their country.
The recent barbaric suppression of the Burmese people by their own military contradicts the teachings of Buddha.The generals as well as the army personnel are believed to be Buddhists.
One cannot understand why the military is used to murder its own people? Isn't the military is used for the defence of the country against outside aggression? But here in Myanmar, it is used as a death machine against its own people...Burmese killing Burmese on their own soil for the interest of a few generals who would do anything to just cling on to unpopular power.
The monks and the people of Myanmar were defenseless and unarmed and were easy meat for the Burmese army.
It is a futile effort on the part of the Burmese people to stage protests against the military rulers,let alone overthrow them.
The Burmese people needs the outside world to help them free themselves off the tyrannical rule of the generals.
One day we will ,in this life time, witness the downfall of the military rule in Myanmar and this is my prediction.

Kenn2007-11-09 11:21:12
The world is just as guilty as the Junta if we just stand by and allow their violence to continue against the people of Burma.

Kenn, Singapore

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