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Hillary making history
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-10-26 00:39:17
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For a long time many said that what is missing for the position of the American president is either a black or a woman, and it seems that their wish is coming true at least to a certain point, since a black man and a woman are the favourite candidates for the Democratic Party in the US presidential election in 2008.

Unfortunately you cannot have both in the presidential seat so at the beginning of the year there will be only one left. The candidates are Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. The perfect solution will be to have one as president and the other as vice-president, after all Obama is young and he can take his turn after five or ten years - he will still be young. Barack Obama was born August 4th 1961, which means that he still has plenty of time in front of him, while Hillary was born October 26th 1947 which means this is it for her.

Any of the above will make a good president, at least they will make a much better president than George W. Bush, well thinking of it now, even Mitt Romney, the fanatic Mormon Republican candidate will make a better president than George W. Bush.

Hilary seems to have more chances than everybody else to become the next president of the USA and in that I include even the Republican candidates leading the former New York mayor Giuliani. The former First Lady of the American democracy has a wild card no other candidate has ever had before in the American elections: the most successful former president is on her side as husband. The lady was there when Bill was making history and she was there when big decisions were taken, she knows how things work and she has proved that she can make them work.

Despite all the revolutions that have started from the USA, the American society is deeply conservative and the idea of a black president still scares them. Hillary, from her side, is in the Democratic Party but Hillary is the conservative side of the Democratic Party - often her own road comes in contradiction with the bases of the Democrats. This is why she doesn’t have the full support of the Democrats, especially the poorest parts of the party voters.

If Hillary wins the elections she is in front of some really hard work and Bill is going to prove a very valuable partner. First of all, Hillary’s administration will have to recover the US from all of the damage George W. Bush has made abroad, which will be helped by Bill, the best ambassador. Then economy will need sometime with her first aim to clean the horizon of all these neo-liberal parasites and then health and education, a part she had a lot of ideas in the past but never really had the chance to put into practice.

Hillary turns 60 today and obviously under the influence of the adrenaline she is living a second youth ready to write history - the only thing left is to wish her a happy birthday and wait and see.

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Sand2007-10-26 09:48:49
It is unsettling to me that the top executive should be chosen on the basis of either gender or skin color. Neither Clinton nor Obama has presented much to recommend them in the manner of handling the mess in Iraq nor dealing rationally with the problems of violence, terroristwise or as the result of local government oppression. The threat to life on Earth through human abuse of the environment is probably, in the long run, worse than the thuggery of governments but since both Clinton and Obama require huge financial support from those very operators that are destroying the environment to acquire office I sincerely doubt much will change if either is elected. Bush, of course, is the absolute pits so any improvement will be better but the important question is whether it will be sufficient to turn around the disaster destined course of the world. I doubt it.

Thanos2007-10-26 10:11:51
After this long debate between the candidates I feel the same Sand especially having the Thatcher example in our past.

Emanuel L. Paparella2007-10-26 15:24:38
"...the disaster destined course of the world."

Destined by whom or by what?

Sand2007-10-26 16:15:10
Paparella, your lack of perception of the world's real obvious problems should, at this point, be an embarrassment even to your generally unaware mind.

Emanuel Paparella2007-10-26 21:07:06
But you see Sir, you cannot fool all the people all the times. Mr.Gaebyeok's comments about your role was said it better than I could ever say it at the beginning of my post on the Abrhamitic religions. For that he was inquisitorially branded by you as a "nincompoops." It is in fact worth copying an excerpt here. Those interested may read the whole rebuttal:

Gaebyeok 2007-10-23 19:19:23
Sand, get over yourself. The only "iditoic comments without content" here are your own----your generalizations about "Religious People" are so sweeping, so archetypal, and in the end so divorced from empirical reality as to make Plato blush. Hard as it may be for you to believe, people are infinitely complex, and do not fit into your neat little sophistic boxes.

Sand2007-10-26 21:41:08
But Paparella, you tried this nonsense over at the Lamb site. It didn't work over there either.
Obviously Gaebyeok is merely one of your alternate identities and he sounds as silly as you.

Emanuel Paparella2007-10-26 21:48:52
Ah, the site with an anonymous blogger editor which allowed anonymous postings and then called about anomymous postings masks behind which to hide. It is no wonder you found the site congenial for your typical slanderous wide brush descriptions. You have now proceeded to slander Mr. Gaebyeok too claiming that he does not exist. No surprises there.

Richard2007-10-26 22:36:52
I would just like to say good luck to Clinton, I have been following what she has been up to for the last year and I think she would do a great job for the USA

Jack2007-10-27 05:00:26
I am with Richard. I believe with the choices we have, there is precious little we can do about it. Not quite the lesser of two evils, but in effect.

I wish her the best, in what I believe will be her upcoming presidency.

jim2007-10-28 10:04:00
thanks richard and jack for bringing us back on topic.

i hope the us does elect their first female president and will return them to the clinton era of yester-oval office.

happy birthday!

Emanuel Paparella2007-10-29 02:50:07
Another different take on Hillary Clinton's candidacy can be obtained from the Time/CNN site where there is a piece by Joe Kline titled "Hillary in 2008? No Way!" It would appear that not all Democrats in the US are ready to declare her the undisputed successor. Here is the interesting conclusion of the piece:

"My guess is that Hillary Clinton would roll into Iowa with an incredible, Howard Dean-like head of steam in January 2008, and then the folks—yes, even the Democratic base—would give her a very close look and conclude that a Hillary presidency would be slightly dodgy. The Clinton line in 1992 was, Buy one, get one free. We've already had that co-presidency—for its full, constitutional eight years. What's more, I suspect there would be innate and appropriate populist resistance to this slouch toward monarchial democracy. There is something fundamentally un-American—and very European—about the Clintons and the Bushes trading the office every eight years, with stale, familiar corps of retainers, supporters and enemies. Bill Clinton was a good President. Hillary Clinton is a good Senator. But enough already. (And that goes for you too, Jeb.)"

Sand2007-10-29 09:20:16
There are some events like an eclipse of the Sun, the virgin birth of a shark, and the appearance of a spectacular comet in the night sky that are noteworthy for their rarity. I am in full accord with Paparella on his suspicions about Hillary Clinton.

Jack2007-10-30 01:20:58
In suspense, there is at least some uncertainty; as for the other choices with which to choose, decisions are rendered for us. They seem unacceptable. The best of what is available is sadly how we must vote. Who else is there to vote for?

I'll give you the fact that more Baby Bush's are on the way and it is understandable that "here we go again" looks inevitable with Mrs. Clinton. It is not exactly the same.

Jack2007-10-30 01:23:41
Analgoy: If you had to vote for someone who would raise taxes 20% or someone who would raise them only 10%, you choose the lesser of them. This doesn't mean you like seeing taxes raised 10% but your decision is made, realative to the other choice.

Sand2007-10-30 04:52:40
It's fascinating to see the question of taxes in the abstract raised again and again without a hint as to what the taxes are about. There are many fundamental and critical areas in the USA in which government money is direly needed to preserve infrastructure, education, health, etc and if you want these things done and done properly they must be paid for. Whether or not taxes are or are not to be appropriated must be whether governmental functions should or should not be done. Talking taxes in the abstract is meaningless.

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