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OS, Windows or Linux?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2007-10-23 10:39:05
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I don’t know who created Earth, but at the moment I’m angry with the one who created three environments for my digital life and a couple of more sub-environments to make sure that I am in really deep shit!

To give you a better idea, this minute I have in front of me three computers and I work in …four environments. I have a Mac that works in OS, a PC that works with both Linux and Windows XP and a laptop that works with Windows Vista! Conclusion: I just hate them all!

My past with Mr. Gates' products is known and I have written a few articles about him and his ‘discoveries’ in the past. Actually, I wish his personal computer crashes every five minutes making him lose all his valuable information. I hope his backup disks are destroyed and every time he’s trying to add new hardware his screen is exploding.

Windows 2000 was the total nightmare; nothing, literally nothing, worked. This was a black era for all the users and when Windows XP arrived after, of course, a couple of new versions and security upgrades we thought that things might work, until the new security upgrades came to reject all the old hardware and make our lives and wallets emptier.

With Windows XP we needed more RAM, more virtual memory, a better sound card, different this and different that - if all the curses work, then Mr Gates must be in coma in some Washington state hospital. At the same time Mac OS moved to OS X, this obsession with the X has become an X wonder for me. Except the X, Mac also added the whole jungle, so you had X Panther, X Tiger and I now feel like Crocodile Dundee in the Macland because the new OS was full of crocodiles!

For a long time users of Mac knew the problem… you would be happily working until suddenly a small bomb symbol appeared on-screen and you lost everything with the Mac crashing! After working with Macs for a long time I developed a nervous tick, my right-hand is always on ctrl+s! The new OS X – it doesn’t matter what animal you are with - doesn’t have the little bomb notification, so it just …crashes!

However, it does have a number of fancy functions though, such as screens moving around with just one button move, cool macro orders and animated changes on the screen which of course Mr. Gates copied in his new Windows Vista!

You would assume that since Windows had the experience of Windows XP and all the upgrades, and since they had seen Mac OS X, they would be …perfect. Right! One of the first messages I received was that the program you have installed is old and you must upgrade it to the Vista version. Mr. Gates, the program I installed is bloody yours and I bought it in 2006, so if anything else you should have the dignity to make your own programs work correctly.

Not that the bloody thing doesn’t work, it does, but every so often this damn warning pops up to remind me that I have to buy all the programs again and I just hate the man even more! I haven’t turned on my laptop more than ten times because I need to find out how I can deactivate these stupid warnings.

And then Linux came along! My computer specialist friend, the one who takes care of my computers, kept telling me over the last few years that I must get into Linux. All the programs are free, much easier and it never crashes. Indeed! There are free programs around for PCs, Windows XP and Macs, but most of the time they are exactly the same programs. The reason professionals buy these other programs is because they are good tools to do their job, but these other professional programs don’t exist for Linux!

Oh man, Linux never crashes but when you have a problem, however minor, you must be able to speak the language of Linux, with all of these /sec/cd a: - I thought DOS was over and we have all these small icons to help our lives now! It's as though we are back in the deep past!

The other day my mouse had problem so I called the programmer and he says that it is very simple to fix, just go to that place and then type that. Wait, how can I get there? Are there any keyboard commands? Total quiet from the other side. I have stopped using Linux since then and I bought a couple of books that might help me communicate with the damn thing!

And all that just to write a post for my blog and add a picture!

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