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Life Was Never So Fearful Life Was Never So Fearful
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2007-10-20 09:22:52
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'Life is precious'. This is what I have heard and read my whole life. Of course, every human being should be respected and every life should be saved. But then came this era of terror in which the human life is not considered worth of anything.

In Afghanistan, it started after King Zahir Shah was removed from power. A series of fighting and killings started after that which is still continued. In Pakistan, it started the same day when Jihad began against Russian forces in Afghanistan. Pakistan was front-line ally in that war as it is now also front-line ally in the war against terror.

In fact, Pakistan has acted and would act as front-line ally in any war started by United States of America. In the war against Russians, America and Pakistan gave too much weapons and money to the extremist elements that later killed Afghans mercilessly.

After America won the war and left Afghanistan, the extremist warlords fought each other and created a big cause in the country. They killed thousands of innocent people in the name of Sharia and Islam and then America attacked Afghanistan to crush them.

This attack caused a new war in the region. The front-line allies have other states within them. The other stated fully back terrorist organisations who are trained there and then come to Afghanistan for attacks.

They kill people in broad daylight, abduct tribal elders, journalists, professor, teachers, doctors, engineers and other skilled people and then, after declaring them "spies", behead them.

Extremism created more extremism. So now the whole region is under extremist and militant rule. No one is safe. Suicide attacks and blasts are every where. Kidnappings and beheadings are every day routine.

The only thing you can say about this situation is that it is not life. And if you call it a life, then I must say that life was never so fearful.

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Emanuel Paparella2007-10-20 15:29:05
Thought-provoking reflections on two contemporary political phenomena: militancy and extremism usually justified by those who practice them as being in the service of some kind of rational political ideology. Sometimes the extremism and the militancy is not physical but intellectual. It is intriguing that there is no political party that labels itself as “right-wing extremist,” or “left-wing extremist.” They simply see themselves as enthusiastic zealots for a just and laudable cause. That in turn allows them to rationalize their aggressive combative militancy as well as many other reprehensible actions that ought never be rationalized. Indeed, mere praxis is not light. It may in fact be darkness.

Sand2007-10-21 09:29:13
One of the oddest perceptions I have ever encountered is that the Taliban are consumed by a rational political ideology.

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