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"The Demonstrator"
by Cosmas Mairosi
2007-11-01 10:19:21
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I saw him falter in his stride
The bullets streaking into his wounds
I saw him bow before the blitz
Arms sailing, limbs flailing,
His body gyrating in the wind.
I saw him die
His body riddled with bullets.

I saw him perish
His blood-smeared placard dangling
Like a cross, on his shattered limbs
'More Dough For My Children!'
The sloppy words screamed out his torment
The women and the children kept their distance
Masking their stricken faces
while their hearts bled
of agony beyond tragedy.

The grubby officers gathered him
Their garbled laughter ringing loud
echoing the despair of civilians
shirking to their slums
Their stomachs grumbling of something
beyond fear

He died in Celebration Park and Uhuru Lane
Like mangy dogs they bore his carcass away
But left his placard
for homeless kids to wet with their tears
and urine.

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by2007-11-01 17:56:38
The greatness of our civilization was achieved through the courage of demonstrations.

And, unfortunately, so was our shame.

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