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'Art in Politics' Theme Issue
by The Ovi Team
2007-10-16 10:03:09
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Heed Ovi magazine's call to arms!

Well, our call is more to get the hands on the ends of your arms working because we are currently preparing to produce the next theme issue following a lengthy hiatus.

The theme is 'Art in Politics' and it is up to you how you interpret that.

We welcome submissions of any length and in any language. We'd love photos, cartoons, illustrations, essays, columns, articles, analyses, poems and, well, anything.

We plan to publish the 20th theme issue in December, so if you wish to participate send your material as soon as possible to me at asa@ovimagazine.com.

Please download our past theme to see how we work: Issue #19: Media

For further information about submissions, click here.

The Ovi Team

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Asa2007-10-16 10:06:34
A huge thank you to those of you who have already submitted a contribution.

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