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Music under Attack Music under Attack
by Abdulhadi Hairan
2007-10-16 10:03:19
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At least 20 people injured and many shops destroyed in an explosion at a big Peshawar (Pakistan) music CD market on October 09, 2007. It was not the first or last incident. Many music centres have been destroyed in Bajaur Agency, Mardan, Swat, Charsadda, Mohmand Agency, Bara, Dara Adam Khil, Swat, Peshawar and other areas since the militants gained control there.

The militants, who were given a full free-hand by the country's intelligence agencies and security forces in the start, are now so powerful that they can easily abduct, behead, assassinate and kill people and destroy every thing they declare against their self-made Sharia laws. Their main target is destroying music centres and the shops of barbers. They call it jihad.

The concept of this 'jihad' is very strange. Every one who calls himself Mjuahid has given himself the right to kill people and destroy their property. It is on him who and what he considers against Sharia and Islam. If a music centre sells CDs of music and movies, he declares it un-Islamic and if he kills people that is very Islamic and that is his right according to him.

The country's intelligence agencies and security forces, despite getting millions of dollars from world community to combat terrorism and extremism, are failed to find where these militants get weapons, explosives and money from.

This situation has created great panic among the peace liking people, intellectuals, writers, journalists and social workers. They think that their life is not safe any more. More people lose their lives in every day suicide attacks, explosions, attacks and target killings.

Music and singers have suffered the most. Some of the popular singers like Gulzar Alam and others have been forced to leave their profession. They regularly receive threatening letters from unknown terrorists which has affected the industry to a great extent. The young and new singers are disappointed and people are worried about their lives as well as their profession.

Pashto music was re-emerging and getting into the hearts of young folks in recent years after some new and educated singers jumped in the field. They gave a new shape to the music and people started to listen to their own music instead of Indian pop music. In return, the talent of these new singers helped them to become more popular and respectful.

The last point is that the music is under continuous target of the growing terrorism and militancy in Pakistan. It seems that the militants are given a full duty to destroy all Pashtoon assets in the country. They are active in the areas which are known for Pashtoon tourism. And all their targets are Pashtoon elders, Pashtoon politicians, Pashtoon singers, Pashtoon Ulemas, Pashtoon areas and Pashtoon assets. It seems that some hidden hands in Pakistan want genocide of the Pashtoons.

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