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by Alexandra Pereira
2007-10-06 09:42:52
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Why do these things happen, why is life so unfair, why do people we love and ourselves do shit, why we can't cover it, why it hurts, why, why, why?

Why we can't help that our loved ones suffer, why we hurt them ourselves sometimes and then regret, why they hurt us and seem helpless and we are helpless and hurt, and try to make things work and they don't and then we give up?

Why we can't help things to break, why we pressure each other, why the tears have to drop, why the smiles fade out, why we are so wrong, why the world is unfair, why do people smash each other and there's no remedy for that?

Why we are not on time, why death comes when we least need it, why pain is so strong, why truth is so strong, why kicking is so strong, why anger, why?

Why poems and words can't help at all, why all the why's in the world can't answer this, why rain when your smile shines and thunder storm as compliment, why fried eggs when caviar would taste much better?

Why people lie, why people cheat, why people are people and weak, why they ask questions at all, why they force each other and blame each other, why?

Why, why, why?

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Emanuel Paparella2007-10-06 14:02:59
Indeed, it is part of being human to ask why and then ask why does one ask whys. And the all encompassing existential "why" with which Heidegger begins his Being and Time is "why is there something rather than nonthing?" Philosophy begins in wonder. I am no fan of Heidegger but that's a question that undoubtedly he better able to answer than a Stephen Hawking.
Perhaps Malcolm Muggeridge put it best: "The atom has been split, the universe has been discovered, and will soon be explored. Neither achievement has any bearing on what interests me--which is why life exists, ans what is the significance, if any, of my minute and so transitory part in it."

Asa2007-10-06 20:39:36
Maybe 'why' should become 'how'.

Emanuel Paparella2007-10-07 01:29:54
Indeed, one may ask how do I live to one hundred and fifty; and probably in a decade or two we will find the way to retard aging and live to that ripe old age and read all the books we will never read and experience all the experiences we shall never have. But ultimately we will continue to be born without any saying as to where and when (Heidegger calls "being thrown into existence"), and then we shall die, and willy nilly are brought back to the very human existential question "why?"

Jack2007-10-07 02:42:37
Not only don't I know all the answers to many questions, I have not even all the questions yet, as they accumulate each day. For all, we will always carry more questions than answers.

It is addorable to have why-itis at age 5, but not so much at 55.

Simon2007-10-08 00:04:20
Why why?

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