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"blue cavern cafe"
by Bohdan Yuri
2007-10-21 10:47:42
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There's a blue cavern cafe
Where lost demons come to play
And trip into a game
Of plastic masquerades.

Where the jazzman plays his horn
While a poet sings his song
And the heartfelt looking glass
Is nowhere on the wall.

As the music hits the ground
And the moves were all around
A pretty lady flowed
Into this feigned parade.

All the vixens in the room
Felt cornered in their gloom
And shame on those who knew
She played no vain charade.

In a lonely spiral dream
Where stars are never seen
The jazzman smoked his roll
While the poet sang his song.

Inside the chosen borders
Of a broken-hearted sky
I was waiting for the pain,
A picture still unframed.

I knew I had no chance
On the eve of this romance
But I couldn't let her go
And not know me at all.

So I walked up to her table
Holding on to some old fable.
I said, to see you smile
Is the only gift my heart desires.

But when she looked up at me
I appeared so nervously.
Thank God she saw my heart
Was not some vacant ladle.

So on a canvas still unborn
We dabbed a simple warmth
That revealed to one another
Our stories full of thorns.

I was lost you were found
And the music danced around
Like the fragrance that unfolds
From a flower's heart and soul.

In an atmosphere of bliss
But still uncompromised
I felt our souls embrace
In time to see her smile.

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Rose2007-10-22 17:37:54
She was I and I was you
The poet always knew
The mirror in your eyes
The score laid on the table
You dabbled in remembrance
She played you like a spade
The production teem was happy
The movie was well made

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