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You and the Little Mermaid
by John Pederson
Issue 6
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“You and the Little Mermaid can go fuck yourselves!” has become a running joke among my circle of friends. The more I listen, the funnier it gets.

The only reason I can come up with this critique is that I’ve heard the piece so many times, but the more I listen, the more I feel that the extended pre-amble by Jonathon’s highly animated and agitated friend, Josh, obstructs the main story.

It poses him as such a dominant character that listeners expect him to resurface throughout the piece. I was surprised, but also glad, that he dropped out of the main storyline and his caustic attitude seems too contrived to carry an entire piece.

Josh’s Mall Rats rant makes for a gripping introduction, but shortening this tirade from the Brodie Bruce wannabe might allow the piece to build more naturally.

This American Life radio program:
Title: “Recording for Someone” (Act Four: Buddy Picture produced by Jonathon Goldstein)
Aired: 11 Jan 2002

Audio Link: >>>> (Archives > 1/11/02)

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