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Dancing between ripples and waves Dancing between ripples and waves
by Theodore K. Nasos
2023-06-03 06:19:17
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The sea brings strength and vitality, also brings the prospect to tolerate and liberate anger.
A calm sea untangles the busy mind, sooths pain and encourages rest. Echoes connectedness and bursts of silent energy.

A wild sea brings anger and unlimited physical power. Unpredictability and lethality. The other side of a fluid coin. The magic of supreme that can be channel physically or spiritually by touch or thought.

Touch brings awareness to the particular message of a universal power, thought melts two worlds, the one of envision and the one of listen. Both released widens the water within, opens to something more. Turns ripples into waves.

Whatever time spend in the sea is a gift, every visit to the sea is a gift, ever call to the sea is a gift. A chance to connect and channel into our inner self through ripples and waves.

The mindful awareness, the wisdom of mother nature.
The dance with the ripples and the waves.

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